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The Goffstown Budget Committee assists the citizens of Goffstown in the prudent appropriation of public funds in accordance with NH RSA 32:14 - 24.

The Budget Committee meets throughout the year, to study the expenditures and revenues for the town and school budgets for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the needs and wants of the community. During budget season in October to December they meet twice a week to prepare both the Town and School District operating budgets. The Town and School District budgets are reviewed line by line and adjustments may be made during this review period.

In January, the Budget Committee holds a public hearing for the purpose of hearing comments from the voters on the proposed budgets. At the conclusion of this hearing, the Budget Committee has an opportunity to make any final changes to the budgets based on feedback from the public. The budgets are sent on to the Deliberative Sessions for both the town and school district meetings, which is the first Session of the Town Meeting under the SB2 form of government. After the Deliberative Session, the final budget and Budget Committee recommendations on money articles are placed on the Town Warrant for vote in March.