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Conservation Commission Welcome

Welcome to your Goffstown Conservation Commission!

Select what you're looking for from the brief list below.

  Conservation Options for Landowners - Procedures, tax benefits, pros and cons

  Open Space:  A Need, A Plan, A Future - How Open Space planning benefits Goffstown

  Timber Cruise and Forest Management Plan - Timber Plan

Conservation Commission Charter and Meetings

The Conservation Commission addresses a wide range of issues for the town and residents, providing support and recommendations to the town Planning Board on subdivision and site plan applications. It conducts site inspections, reviews wetland activity requests submitted to the NH Department of Environmental Services and other agencies, and oversees a variety of town improvement projects.

The Commission normally meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 PM in the Mildred Stark room in downstairs Goffstown Town Hall.

All commission meetings are open to the public, and residents are encouraged to attend. Your input is important!

Open Space Sub-Committee

The Open Space Committee is a Sub-Committee of the Conservation Commission. Members of the Open Space Committee are listed below:

David Nieman  Conservation Commission 2017-2020
Jean Walker  Conservation Commission 2017-2020
Kelly Teevan  Community Representative  2017-2018
Julie Grandgeorge  Community Representative 2017-2018 
Tom Jones  Community Representative  2017-2020

Conservation Commission Members

Jean Walker Chairman 2016-2019
Karen McRae Treasurer 2015-2018
Evelyn Miller Vice-Chair 2015-2018
Amy Pollock   2015-2018
David Nieman   2016-2019
Susan Tucker   2017-2020
Charles Freiburger   2017-2020
Vacant Alternate 2015-2018
Vacant Alternate 2016-2019
Vacant Alternate 2017-2020
Collis Adams Selectmen's Rep. 2017-2018