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If you have any questions about construction around Town, feel free to call Meghan Theriault, Director of Public Works, at 603-497-3617 x 280.
After hours (nights and weekends) safety concerns or issues can be reported to Goffstown Police Dispatch at 497-4858.
We appreciate your patience during the construction season and ask that you drive safely through all work zones or seek alternate routes if the construction is impacting your daily commute. We issue all traffic alerts through the NIXLE system which you can sign up for here if interested in receiving text messages on local traffic alerts to your phone.
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Below is a list of our active projects:

2017 Village Rebuild Project

Downtown Image - TOP

The Goffstown Village Rebuild Project will include the reconstruction of Main and North Mast from Mountain Road to Westlawn Cemetery at Church Street. Within this area are the two previously designed and approved Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality CMAQ Intersection Improvement Projects at Mountain/Pleasant and Elm/High.

The scope of work for this project is complete road reconstruction including new sidewalks with ADA accessibility, bumpouts to shorten pedestrian crossings and define the travel lane, curbing, drainage, water main, some sewer repairs, paving, striping, several pole relocations and landscaping. On Main Street there will be additional aesthetic items such as signage, street lighting and some seating areas installed as budget allows.

The goals of this project are to:

(1) Help make the Village a destination

(2) Build upon existing Main Street character

(3) Increase opportunities for shopping, dining

(4) Improve safety and accessibility

(5) Increase Village parking network

Project Limits


The entire project will be constructed using Town forces and subcontractors as needed. Construction will be broken into three phases:






CMAQ Intersection at Pleasant St/Mountain Rd




Main Street & CMAQ Intersection at Elm/High


CONCEPTUAL PLAN (Last Revised 3/13/17)


North Mast Road (Summer St to Westlawn Cemetery)


CONCEPTUAL PLAN (Last Revised 2/8/17)

**Please note that the schedule is weather dependent and may change.




Interactive “story map” (click here)


Streetscape Survey (click here)



If you were not able to find an answer to your question or concern in the FAQs (above), please feel free to contact us at any time.
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UPDATES (Latest update will be posted on top)

6/15/17 -  

DPW continued with two crews this week.  We started the week with reclaiming the SAU lot and then moved the reclaimer over to Main St late morning.  Unfortunately Continental’s reclaimer broke on Monday and they were not able to finish Main St before rush hour so, it was moved back to the SAU lot to at least get that completed.  On Tuesday Continental came back out and finished reclaiming Main St.   

Also if you hadn’t heard, a wire cause fire between #23 and #25 Main Street and fell off one of those buildings leaving a live wire on Main Street on Monday.  Both Fire Department and PD were called in and Main Street was shut down until Eversource was able to get the wire secured and then the road was able to be reopened.  (Just wanted to make sure everyone knew it wasn’t DPW that shut down Main St. J)

DPW completed drainage installation at the top of the hill.  There was a conflict between a large existing conduit bank and proposed drainage elevation, so more field changes were done to achieve the necessary drainage on Carr Court. 

The second DPW crew ran into an interesting problem.  As we started to grade the lower area near the bridge we found that the new proposed grades put us too close to the old road (an oiled gravel layer with small and large cobbles).  This meant that we did not have enough good/select materials over this old road, which was buried under the current road by 12-18 inches.  It caused us to do a quick redesign and move a drainage structure (that was already installed) so that we could regrade the road differently without getting too close to this layer.  We felt as though boxing out the road in this area would have been an unnecessary delay and very disruptive in this section.    

DPW started to install conduit today for the future pedestrian level aesthetic lighting, but will need to finish Monday.  While we had hoped to possibly pave on Friday, I think that was a bit aggressive so I apologize for getting everyone excited.  We will be able to finish the conduit and rough grade the area in preparation for paving next week.

Our contractor, Continental is scheduled for Monday to reclaim the upper intersection and also the water main trench from the bridge (north side) to Town Hall for the Goffstown Village Water Precinct.  They will also final grade and pave Main Street from East/West Union to the bridge (if they can fit us in their schedule).

The Goffstown Village Water Precinct will be starting night work again next week.  Notices will be given in advance of any water shutdowns.  For more info please call Lee Minnich at 497-3621.  They expect 3 weeks of work (6/19-6-30), no week of July 4th and then 7/10-7/14).  Expected hours are 8pm – 5am. 

Lastly all DPW trenches were tuned up, compacted, calcium was spread and watered.  Two way traffic was maintained as much as possible (minus the unplanned shutdown of Main Street by PD and periodically down to one lane for reclaimer).  

6/12/17 - This week we were able to mobilize a second crew to the area.  Monday was a rough start due to the rain and extensive trench repair that was needed to get things back in order.  The crew at Phase 1 Pleasant intersection completed 105 feet of 15" drain pipe, installed two (2) drainage structures, removed about 50 feet of abandoned water line that was left behind,  two (2) old drainage structures and 175 feet of old drain line.  A mystery brick structure was also found near the island which had to be partially removed to accommodate a new drain crossing. 

The other crew was on the hill this week tackling the drainage crossings, which while not long in length, require three set ups each to maintain two lanes of traffic.  For example, when working on the west side of Main St (by Putnams) and installing the first stick of pipe, 2 traffic lanes were maintained on east side, then when the crew moved to the middle of the road, there was a travel lane on each side of them, and lastly when they were on the east side (near Howes), 2 traffic lanes were flopped over to the west side of Main St.  Just one example of how a short 20-25 foot crossing can take so long.  This crew also removed old drainage structures and lines between E. Union and Factory St, the old drainage crossing in front of Howe's, and the old diagonal line crossing between Factory Street and the Burns Agency.

Besides that, DPW kept up with the typical trench maintenance, daily sweeping and setup/breakdown of changing traffic patterns throughout the day to accommodate construction and heavy traffic volumes.  On Friday some layout was done in advance of our subcontractor arriving to reclaim this coming MONDAY from the Bridge to East/West Union.  FYI - A reclaim machine grinds up the remaining pavement and gravel together to create a new gravel base for the pavement (fun for the kids to see if you hear it out there).  Due to the size of the reclaim machine, it is possible traffic will be down to one lane at times. 

This new reclaim layer will need to be graded out and in some cases dug out (as we prep the subbase) to achieve the proposed final grades.  One crew will work on grading and removing the final section of old drain on the hill and the other crew will hopefully get proposed drainage wrapped up at the intersection.  What does this all mean to you - PAVEMENT IS COMING SOON...possibly even next week between the bridge and East/West Union and then not long after for the intersection as well!  Please note that when we pave, we will not pave the full width as we stay off the new curb locations so there is room to install them properly.

REMINDER - MEETING DATE has been set for PHASE 2 of the Village Rebuild Project.  This will be very similar to the Phase 1 meeting we had where we discussed work to be completed and had plans for people to view.  Date is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14th at 6PM in Room 106 of TOWN HALL.


6/4/17- Last week was a short week with the holiday Monday.  DPW installed four (4) drainage structures and 122 LF of 15" drain pipe with one section requiring Fairpoint to hold a pole. Our crew also chased a couple of mystery pipes and removed old catch basins.

We also repaired a previous sewer service conflict on the hill which required extensive hand digging.  To repair the sewer service DPW had to locate the sewer line, remove the temporary drain pipe, re-core the drainage structure, brick up portion of the old opening, install a permanent drain line, tie in the foundation drain, and extend and lower the sewer service to outside of ROW (under the duct bank).  Standard trench maintenance was performed all week, swept jobsite, and added calcium to the newly disturbed areas.

Met with pavers to come up with a *tentative* schedule for reclaiming and paving.  Plan is week of the 12th which means this week DPW will try to finish the crossings at Factory Street and by Howe's.  Plus remove an old crossing and abandoned lines. Traffic may be interrupted more than it has been due to the narrowness of the area though we are going to try to continue to maintain 2 way traffic at all times.

Also plan to mobilize second crew to the project.  They will likely begin the drainage crossings in the Rte 13 intersection area. Traffic patterns will continue to change daily.

MEETING DATE has been set for PHASE 2 of the Village Rebuild Project.  This will be very similar to the Phase 1 meeting we had where we discussed work to be completed and had plans for people to view.  Date is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14th at 6PM in Room 106 of TOWN HALL.


5/30/17 - Our crew was not on-site Monday last week due to a design conflict in the CMAQ design plans that needed to be resolved and a new structure ordered.  Instead, we sent an operator down to the SAU lot to work on the parking lot and the rest of the crew completed some much needed milling and filling around Town of potholes before the long weekend. 

The other issue we had last week was a water main conflict at E. Union St which took half a day to lower.  This water main pipe was 1 foot higher than we expected and the drain could not be lowered enough to get by it.  Unfortunately that took 4.5 hours to move the water main and assemble all the new angles.  With that being said, DPW installed 181.5 LF of 15” pipe, two new drainage structures and removed a section of old drain line last week.  As usual we completed daily AM and PM trench maintenance, dust control with calcium, daily sweeping and traffic control setup/breakdown.  We had our operator and a supervisor come in on their day off (Friday) after the heavy rains Thursday night to touch up the trenches again before the long weekend. 

Sewer work and water work is completed in Phase 1.  This week DPW will continue work on drainage at the intersection and between E.Union and the bridge.  I also received an email this afternoon from Fairpoint that they will be onsite tomorrow AM to start setting new poles in Phase 1.

5/20/17 - This week our DPW crew continued to work on Main Street between the bridge and East/West Union St.  They installed 229 feet of pipe, 3 drainage structures including one entire road crossing where two-way traffic was maintained the entire time and of course the daily trench maintenance, dust control and sweeping.  The trenches along Main Street need significant extra attention (versus a typical project) due to the heavy traffic volumes…17,000 cars a day if you were wondering!  Time is spent each morning and afternoon tuning up the work zone, which while time consuming, is also very necessary to reduce the roughness and keep the dust down. 

This project as expected has not been without it’s challenges (besides traffic).  All three construction crews (Water Precinct, DPW and Sewer Commission’s contractor)  have exposed completely unknown pipes and also existing known utilities but, in unexpected locations both vertically and horizontally, which impacts the design plans and calls for immediate field changes to be made in order to keep progress moving forward.  These issues slow all the crews down, but it’s the nature of working in a downtown area with old utilities in the ground.  I assure you that none of these crews want to be in the street any longer than necessary!

The Sewer Commission’s contractor was able to start their work and will continue starting tomorrow night for 3 nights total (Sun – Tues) as additional work regarding repair of sewer services was added to their scope.  As mentioned above, sewer service elevations are not always known.  If disturbed during installation of other utility lines, these services are temporarily connected until such time that they can be properly repaired from the sewer main to the property line.

The Goffstown Village Water Precinct has completed their water main installation in Phase 1 and will wait to start the Phase 2 water main work later in June.

After speaking with Fairpoint this week, they said their construction crew was behind schedule but should be on site this coming week to set poles in Phase 1. 

Goffstown DPW will be back on-site Monday to continue drainage work between the bridge and East/West Union and then into the Pleasant St intersection as well.  DPW will plan to hold another public informational meeting for Phase 2 in early June. 

5/14/17 - During our first week on Main Street, DPW started working from the bridge to East/West Union.  Originally this was part of Phase 2, but since the Goffstown Village Water Precinct (GVWP) had just finished working here, it made sense to continue with drainage installation since it was already partially dig up. 

We started the week out by fixing potholes in the water main trench that occurred over the weekend, sweeping the work zone and then removing the sidewalk on the east side of the road to accommodate two way traffic.  We also cleaned up the old Cumby’s parking lot at the corner of Factory Street so it can be used (with property owner permission) by the businesses close to the bridge whose parking was temporarily being used for two-way traffic flow. 

A test pit was completed to locate the new water main near our existing catch basin on Monday to confirm elevation for needed redesign.  DPW then installed 171.5 feet of pipe and two new structures on the west side of the street.  Unfortunately, drainage installation in downtown areas with water and sewer is much slower than on other roads due to all the crossings with utility lines and services that need to be carefully exposed.  DPW also laid out the new centerline in this section, performed trench maintenance, calcium for dust control and daily sweeping of the work zone. 

DPW will be back tomorrow to continue with drainage installation.  I believe the GVWP will also be working up at the Pleasant intersection and Carr Court this week.  If your questions are about the water work being completed by the GVWP, you can reach them at 497-3621.  All other questions or concerns regarding the project can be directed to DPW.  Thank you for your patience as we begin Phase 1 of the Village Rebuild Project.  


5/5/17 - The Laundry Mat/Village Common parking lot was curbed and striped this week.  Some grubbing work at the SAU parking lot occurred this week.  We will be shifting off this lot temporarily until another crew is available since we need to get started with drainage work on the Village project now that the water construction is ahead of us. 

After speaking with Lee Minnich of the Goffstown Village Water Precinct (GVWP), they have one more day of night work which will be Monday 5/8.  Then they will be shifting to day work at the Pleasant/Mountain intersection.  As you all noticed GVWP paved some of their cross trenches and along the edge of the road yesterday to help with the dust and water problems.  This is only a temporary thin patch as DPW will be mobilizing next week to start preparations for drainage work. 

A DPW crew will start at the bridge and work up toward West/East Union first since that is already partially dug up.  This work will be done during the day.  We will be removing the sidewalk on the church side of the street to make more room for cars due to drainage installation.  We also plan to utilize the old Cumbys parking lot (with property owner permission) for customers of 35 and 39 Main St. since traffic will most likely be shifted in that location eliminating the parking temporarily.

Once the drainage work is completed in a few weeks, DPW plans to pave that section of the road and continue work on curbing and sidewalk installation.  Please note some of these items (paving and curbing) are subject to subcontractor schedules.  We will do everything we can to coordinate with them ahead of time in to keep the project moving along.  The drainage crew will shift up to the Pleasant/Mountain intersection at that time as well, while the sidewalk/cleanup crew finishes the bridge to E. Union.

Lastly we have heard from the utility company that they hope to mobilize on or around May 10th to start setting poles at the Pleasant/Mountain intersection.  It will be busy for sure, but a lot of work will be getting done as well.  We will utilize our traffic control and sign package to keep cars moving as best we can.  As always please contact us with any questions as this project progresses.


4/14/17 - Please check out this GTV video on the upcoming Goffstown Village Water Precinct (GVWP) work within Phase 1 of the Village Rebuild Project. 

Click Here to see GTV with GVWP

DPW will continue prepping the Laundry Mat/Village Common parking lot for paving and will also mobilize over to the SAU lot off School Street to start work next week.


4/13/17 - DPW would like to share a quick update from the Goffstown Village Water Precinct (GVWP). They have started to prep the area by removing the sidewalks and milling the trench for the new water line between Pleasant St. and the bridge. The GVWP will be mobilizing equipment to the site and starting some work on Monday 4/17. They will then be moving to the approved night work schedule also starting on the 17th and is expected to last until Friday the 21st. The GVWP has also scheduled to temporarily water shut off in some areas of the Village between 9 pm and 5 am so temporary water lines can be connected and a new valve installed. Affected residents of this shutoff will be notified later this week. Any questions please contact the GVWP at 497-3621.   

4/7/17- It’s been a wet week but next week is looking exceptionally warm so that will be a nice change and help dry things out.  This week the DPW continued work on the Laundry Mat/Village Common parking area, where there will be a net gain of 17 parking spots when we are finished!  We hope to have this paved in the next two weeks if weather permits.  DPW will then mobilize over to the SAU parking lot off School Street to prep for repaving and construction of five (5) additional spaces here as well.  These parking lots are being completed in advance of the Phase 2 (Main Street) construction this summer to create additional parking which can be utilized both during and after construction.    

Lee Minnich of the Goffstown Village Water Precinct (GVWP) met with DPW this week to discuss some of the details regarding their proposed water main work with Phase 1 of the Village Rebuild Project.  There is approximately 900 LF of water main to be replaced in Phase 1 (from the Pleasant/Rt. 13 intersection to the bridge).  This work is scheduled to start on Monday, April 10th.  Lee explained that this is a 125 year old water main and that after construction, residents and businesses on Main Street should expect to see an improvement in their water quality.  Temporary water lines will be installed so that water can be maintained during construction.  Any specifics we receive from Lee on date/time of water shutdowns needed for construction will be shared on this page and DPW Facebook page.  The GVWP work will also include digging up the sidewalk on either side of the bridge to directional drill the water main and install it into the bridge hangers which were recently installed.  Please call Lee Minnich of the Goffstown Village Water Precinct at 497-3621 with any specific questions or concerns related to water main work, water quality or water shutoffs. 

On Monday night both Lee Minnich and Meghan Theriault will be at the Board of Selectman’s meeting to discuss the possibility of night work in the narrow section of Main Street between East Union Street and the bridge. A pre-construction meeting was held last night at Town Hall for residents and businesses within Phase 1 of the Village Rebuild Project.  The discussion focused on the GVWP water main work that is scheduled to begin next week and also the construction sequence for DPW’s drainage and road work scheduled to begin at the end of April/early May.

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns as this project progresses.

7 Main Parking Lot Gravel


4/3/17 - Public Information Meeting to be held at Town Hall on Thursday 4/6/17 at 6:00 pm to discuss Phase 1 of the project, which is from Pleasant St/Mountain Rd intersection to Main Street Bridge.


3/17/17 - DPW has received word from the Goffstown Village Water Precinct that their contractor (E.D. Swett) will be in town starting next Tuesday (3/21) to work on the water main under the Main Street Bridge. The size of the equipment dictates that there will be one-way traffic with flaggers on the bridge itself. They plan to limit work to the 8am-3pm window, and expect to be there for 3 days. If you have any questions, please contact the GVWP directly (http://www.goffstown.com/goffstown-water.html)

Things are moving along well, we’re proceeding with the design based on the curb line locations presented to the BOS this week. Thanks again for all your feedback so far on the project.


3/10/17 - DPW has been working hard the last couple weeks to update our construction plans based on feedback we received at the last meeting and during site visits with some of you. Thank you all who have offered input, I know it will result in a smoother process for all, and a better end result in our village.

Looking ahead: I have an agenda item with the Board of Selectmen on Monday night to discuss the feedback and subsequent plan edits we’ve made. I’m hoping to receive a final sign-off from the Selectmen for our curbing locations, which will allow the rest of the design elements (such as drainage and streetscape) to start to fall into place. With this in mind, we’ve got a couple new things to share with you; please check them out and pass them along to friends and family.

The first is our interactive “story map” (click here), which includes several project plan sheets to explore and an interactive business directory. Please let me know if we missed anyone or if your business information needs to be updated.

The second is a streetscape and design element survey for items such as benches, signs, planters, and focal points. We’ll be gathering survey responses online and at our table at SpringFest for recommendations to the Board of Selectmen in April or May. It only takes a minute to complete, but will help us make good choices and prioritize if budget becomes tight.


Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook, where we’ll continue to post updates and eventually pictures: https://www.facebook.com/GoffstownDPW/

I’d like to also put in a plug for our local utilities. If you believe you might have issues with your water or sewer service lines (low pressure, back ups, etc), now is the time to notify the Goffstown Village Water Precinct or the Goffstown Sewer Commission. They can investigate and help you determine responsibility for repair or upgrade. Our road moratorium rules make it very costly and difficult to excavate in new pavement, so it’s a good idea to take care of that type of thing now.

Goffstown Village Water Precinct: http://www.goffstown.com/goffstown-water.html

Goffstown Sewer Commission: http://www.goffstown.com/sewer-comm.html

Similarly, if you are a property owner along Main Street and have been contemplating any work (façade improvements, painting, new siding, new stairs, patio, etc), now is the time to do it! Let us know what you have in mind, and we can do our best to ensure our work schedule doesn’t impact yours. As a reminder, the village area is an approved Economic Revitalization District, so improvements may qualify for tax incentives. Contact Jon O’Rourke in the Planning Department for more information on that program.

I’ve got a few updates for your calendars as well. It appears we will begin improvements to the SAU parking lot (and Laundry/Common if the easement is approved on Monday night) in the next week or two. The Goffstown Village Water Precinct has informed us that they lined up a contractor to swap out their water main under the bridge sometime near the end of March. Water service will be maintained, but there will be some traffic impact for a couple days. We’ll all be ready to start excavation work at the Pleasant Street intersection by mid April. Stay tuned for an invite to the neighborhood kickoff meeting in the near future.

Lastly, I had the pleasure of meeting with Peggy and Robin at the Goffstown Main Street Program this week to discuss their 2017 event schedule, and share some ideas for collaboration. We all agree this is a great time to be involved in the GMSP, and we’ve got some ideas taking shape. If you’d like to get involved check out their page: http://www.goffstownmainstreet.org/support.html

Thank you again for your support and participation so far. We’re excited to start construction soon!


2/24/17 - DPW will not be bringing plans to the BOS on Monday 2/27 for Main Street. We are still working closely with several businesses to address questions and concerns regarding the layout and hope to at the first or second March BOS meeting to present the final plan for approval.


2/8/17 – On Monday the Board of Selectman held a public meeting for Main Street businesses and residents to discuss the revised conceptual plan on Main Street which includes parallel parking similar to existing conditions. The attached power point presentation, given by Director of Public Works, Adam Jacobs, details out the history of work done by Town committees on conceptual design and review of plans in previous years. He also discussed project goals, challenges, a revised conceptual layout (after incorporating initial feedback from the Economic Development Committee (EDC) and Board of Selectman (BOS), the approach to construction and other aesthetic design elements. The meeting was then opened to the public for discussion and feedback on the latest conceptual design. Please see handouts here from that meeting as well.

Conceptual Plan for N. Mast / Conceptual Plan for Main St. / Handout for Main St / Parking Calcs for Main St. / Existing Parking Spaces (which may be removed)

Based on the feedback received at the meeting, additional changes will be made to the plans and a revised conceptual plan will be brought to the Feb 27th BOS Meeting for approval. After that point, the Engineering Department will work on final design plans with utility and grading information. All plans will be posted to this webpage as they are completed. In the next few weeks, the DPW will be seeking feedback on the aesthetic design elements such as street lighting, trees, plantings, benches and signage for businesses and parking. Please stay tuned for voting procedures on these elements as the project progresses.

Construction of Phase 1 – The Mountain/Pleasant intersection is expected to begin early spring once the weather allows. DPW will also be in the Village this spring working on the construction of a new municipal parking lot behind 7 Main Street which can be utilized this summer during construction (subject to BOS approval after required public hearings). Click here to see existing public and private parking lots that serve local businesses.


January 2017 – First round conceptual plans were discussed with the Board of Selectman (BOS) and Economic Development Committee (EDC) to obtain some initial feedback and guidance.


Former Barnard Property Athletic Fields

Render Sports Fields

The Town of Goffstown Parks & Recreation and Public Works Departments are developing athletic fields for the community. The final vision includes construction of three soccer fields, one large baseball field, three small baseball fields, a small field house, parking, playground and trails. The proposed work is an expansion of an existing 37 acre gravel pit that the Department of Public Works (DPW) is currently operating. This project will be phased into three sections. Currently, Phase 1 work is being performed by the DPW as time and weather allow in the off-season between road projects.

Over the past few years the DPW engineering staff have developed construction plans and obtained the required permits to get this project underway. The required Alteration of Terrain Permit was granted this fall and we have begun construction!

1/13/2017 - Crews have cleared several trees to make room for the two new soccer fields in Phase 1. Now DPW crews will start to clear and shape this area between snow storms this winter.

Tree Clearing  DPW Sports

Tree Clearing  DPW

IMG 20170111 095527736

Stinson Road Construction

pre-con photo

DPW announces the start of road construction on Stinson Road between Paige Hill Road and #114 Stinson. If you have any questions, please call our office at 497-3617. If you would like to be added to the project update email list, send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also like us on Facebook!

College Road Reconstruction


The Goffstown Sewer Commission announces sewer construction on College Road and
several side streets including Laurel St, Pinehill Ave and Warren Ave, starting Wednesday, August 31st
and extending until the end of September. Partial sections of each road will be closed to thru traffic
and side streets as work progresses. Only local residents or businesses needing access in/out of the
work zone will be allowed. All thru traffic must follow detour signage. Delays should be expected
6:30am - 4:30pm, Monday – Friday. Roads will be reopened to thru traffic each night.


The Department of Public Works will also be mobilzing mid September to start complete reconstruction of the road.
Scope of work will include all new drainage pipe and structures, sidewalk replacement and extension to St. Anselm's, reclamation of pavement and base paving this year. A separate traffic alert will be issued for this work as it gets closer.





college - aerial

 college precon 3  college precon 1
 college precon 2 college rd

6/22/17 - It’s been a while but we have been able to finally secure a concrete contractor who can fit us into their schedule and install the concrete tip downs with ADA panels.  They plan to start tomorrow and will do approx. 4 or more a day.  They will continue into next week until they are completed.  Once they are complete we will contact the paving subcontractor for sidewalk paving and then DPW will be back to clean up the loam and seed along the back edge of the sidewalk.  

5/5/17 - Just a quick note to let you know that we will continue to prep the sidewalks and cleanup the side slopes/dithclines next week.  Paving of the sidewalks has not been scheduled yet, but we will let you know once we have a date.  Thank you for your continued patience.  

11/25/16 - The focus before the holiday this week was mainly driveway connections on the non-sidewalk side and drainage structures. The sewer contractor was also in to raise up and pave around their covers. Things seemed to have performed well with what little rain we had, but the real benefit will be seen when the curbing and asphalt berm is installed to direct the water.

The granite curbing contractor is set to begin next week, and we’ll continue our work to prepare for the new sidewalk. As mentioned previously, the plan remains to pave driveways on the even side of the street with the new sidewalk. If it looks like we are running out of time and the sidewalk won’t be completed, we’d shift gears and focus on the driveways so they are paved for winter.

College Road Nov 23 2016 2 College Road Nov 23 2016 3

11/18/16 - As you have noticed it was another milestone day on the College Road project, with base paving now complete on the roadway. Driveways were "wedged in" with gravel to ease the temporary transition until we can begin getting the drive aprons paved as well. Some of the drainage inlets were exposed, and stone check dams placed to limit any erosion issues if we get a popup shower over the weekend.

Next week we begin preparing driveways for pavement tie-in, and will adjust the rest of the drainage structures to be flush with the pavement. We will continue working on the sidewalk preparations and road shoulders, preparing for the asphalt curb on the odd side of the street, and granite facing for the sidewalk on the even side of the street.  The granite curbing contractor is set to begin on Monday the 28th, and will have a week or more to finish their portion. The driveways on the odd side are likely to be paved before the even side, due to the curbing and sidewalk work still to come.

The utilities have started shifting lines over to the new poles at the top of the hill, hopefully that work can be completed in time to finish the sidewalk. We also have a retaining wall, plenty of landscaping, and some guardrail on the horizon. Keep your fingers crossed for the mild weather to hold on for a few more weeks!

College Road Nov 18 2016 paving 8 College Road Nov 18 2016 paving 16
College Road Nov 21 2016 4 College Road Nov 21 2016 8

11/7/16 - The project has progressed quite a bit since our last update. Drainage work is nearly complete, with only a crossing near the top of the road and some work near Laurel Street and Mast Road remaining. The section at Laurel was skipped over due to a conflict with the gas main, which Liberty Utilities and their contractor Mears Construction have been taking care of this week. They intend to wrap up the gas work by the end of the day on Monday, and we should be able to move back down to replace that drainage starting on Tuesday. We will finish up drainage at Mast Road, including the undersized inlet structure that is the culprit in the flooding by Pizza Market every so often.

Continental Paving has indicated that the reclaim (of what's left) of the pavement will take place next week. After the pavement is fully reclaimed we can begin adding select gravel and shaping the new road base, which will take a couple days to prepare for the new asphalt. This has been a busy paving season for many towns, and this is "crunch time" in the industry so paving dates are a little fluid. There is plenty left to do with sidewalk shaping and slope work if we have to wait for paving for a few days.

Looking ahead...after the base paving is complete, the curbing contractor can begin to set the curb for the new sidewalk face. This is quite an operation, if you've never seen it before. In addition to sidewalk work over the next few weeks, the drainage structures need to be raised up to final grade, driveway aprons paved in, retaining wall installed, more slope work, loam and seeding, etc. It looks as though the utility line relocation will come right down to the wire. Thank you for your continued patience with the project, I know that with all the various utilities involved this summer it probably feels like the project that will never end. We're starting to come into the home stretch, I promise.


College Rd Oct 18 2016 1

College Road Nov 2 2016 7
College Oct 28 2016 College - Oct 25 2016 College - Oct 28 2016

10/17/16 - Last week, although shortened by the holiday, saw some decent progress on the project. The crew was able to install over 400’ of drainage pipe and 5 precast drainage structures. There were several service and utility lines to contend with, and a few sewer connections that warranted repair before backfill. The current work zone is near Pine Hill Ave, Warren Ave and Duclos St are open for normal traffic for the time being. We will return back down to the area when the sidewalk construction begins in a few weeks.

The tree work will resume later this week, and I will let you know when we have an update on the paving schedule for Warren and Pine Hill sewer repair areas.

College Rd 10 17 16 2 College Rd Oct 11 2016 3

10/7/16 - As expected, the bottom end of the project area has uncovered several “surprises”. We’ve managed to work around the spaghetti of underground utilities and abandoned lines to get another hundred feet of pipe and 5 precast drainage structures into the ground. We also replaced the cross culverts near the Laurel and Roy intersection, and began cleaning up the drainage swale under the power lines. This will continue in the days to come. Our hope is that things will pick up speed next week as we get back to work on the main drainage line that runs up College Road.

The sewer contractor has also completed all work, and will be paving over their work areas soon. Due to the large width of the trenches, they will be paving the entire roadway surface on the affected areas of Warren Ave and Pine Hill Ave, rather than just patching in the trenched areas. I’ll keep you posted when I get notice of the paving. Laurel Street has a large trenched area, but we’ll be working there with drainage soon and therefore it won’t be paved until we pave College Road itself.

College Road Oct 7 2016 College Road Oct 4 2016 1

9/30/16 - Things have certainly picked up on the project this week, as you no doubt have noticed. The sewer contractor has finished all main line and service connection work on College Road, Laurel St, and Pine Hill Ave. A handful of service connections remain on Warren Ave, they expect to have those completed by Monday. They have some final restorations to do, and then will be demobilizing from the neighborhood. These small sections of Pine Hill Ave and Warren Ave will be paved over soon, but Laurel St has some drainage work to be done this year and will be paved with College Road later in October. As was mentioned at the meeting, DPW plans to return in 2018 for drainage and paving of the entire neighborhood uphill of College Road.

Drainage work has begun near Warren Ave, we’ll save the Mast Rd intersection itself for the end of the project to help reduce the overall impact to the main road. Typically, our crew can install 100-200 ft of pipe and a couple precast concrete drainage structures each day. Digging in Pinardville is always a bit of an adventure, so please keep your fingers crossed that we’ll avoid any surprises.

We have also made headway clearing and “boxing out” unsuitable material from the sidewalk area uphill from Desaulnier St, and filling in the area with new compacted gravel. Fairpoint and Eversource are closing in on final approvals to move their utility poles back in this section as well. We have a handful of trees left to remove that are either dead, overhanging the road, or are right at the road or sidewalk edge. I expect this to happen over the next couple weeks, but will keep you posted.

DPW is aware that there has been one or two buses that arrived at Warren Ave when the sewer crew had an open trench across the entire roadway. We’ve been in contact with the bus company and will make every effort to keep them rolling on their normal routes. As the sewer work wraps up this should be a bit easier. Please let us know if you experience any difficulty going forward.

Park - College Sept 2016 6

Sewer Installation - Warren Ave

College Sept 22 26 2016 1

Park - Sewer Contractor on College

College Road Sep 20 2016 2

Park - Sewer Contractor on College

College Sep 21 2016 5

DPW - Grubbing for new sidewalk

College Sep 21 2016 3

DPW - Grubbing for new sidewalk

9/15/16 - There was a good turnout at the neighborhood meeting last night. There are weekly email blasts that are sent out to those who want ot be on the list, but we also copy those updates onto our website as well. If you want to be added to the email list, please contact Adam Jacobs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The rough timeline for the project is:

  1. The Goffstown Sewer Department’s contractor (Park Construction) has finished the new sewer main. They have two house connections left near the top of the street, and then they will move up to perform some short sections of replacement and a few repairs on the side streets (Laurel, Pine Hill, Warren). This should happen starting next week.
  2. DPW will formally begin our work on Tuesday, 9/20. Our first steps are upgrading and replacing the drainage at the bottom of the hill near Mast Road, working our way up the street.
  3. There will likely be a second crew working on cleaning up the area near the top of the hill that was previously cleared of trees for the new sidewalk. Fairpoint and Eversource are preparing to set new utility poles, but I’m afraid I don’t have a solid timeline from them yet. It will be a few weeks before we are ready to start shaping up the area for the new sidewalk anyway.
  4. As mentioned last night, this work should take around 7 weeks to complete if Mother Nature doesn’t get involved with an early winter. I expect paving of the roadway to occur mid-October, but there are a couple weeks necessary after that for sidewalk, curbing, stormwater structure raising, driveway aprons, slope, loam, and seed work.
  5. DPW summer work hours are typically Tue-Fri, 7:00-4:00. After Columbus Day weekend, we shift back to winter hours and will be on site Mon-Fri, 7:30-3:00. There may be a few days here or there that require working an hour longer to finish a pipe run or a trench crossing. Barring an emergency, we do not have any night work for this project.

We will be closing College Road to thru traffic for the majority of the project, which really helps speed up the project. School bus routes, curbside collection days, emergency vehicles, and mail delivery should continue as normal; please let me know immediately if you experience any interruptions so we can get it worked out.
We’re looking forward to working with you to provide a great project in your neighborhood. If you have any questions about the project, please don’t hesitate to ask!

9/14/16 - Park moved over to Glenridge to install a 300 LF section of sewer as we are coordinating new water, sewer, drain and gas instllation in that neighborhood with several different contractors.
They are expected to be back in the College Road neighborhood next week to continue sewer work on the side streets and remianing service hookups.
DPW is expected to mobilize next week as well so please expect delays and avoid the work zone if possible. We are planning to close all of College Road to thru traffic and only allow residents within the work zone access in and out.
A formal traffic alert will be issued by the end of the week.

9/9/16 - Park Construction mobilized last week to start the sewer work on College Road from Desaulnier to St. As. So far they have installed the majority of the 8" sewer main and manholes. They did hit some ledge which slowed them down slightly, but should be able to finish the main this week. They have also started installing house services this week.

College Rd Sep 2 2016 Park sewer 1 College Rd Sep 2 2016 Park sewer 3