The Cemetery Division of Goffstown Public Works, along with the Cemetery Trustees maintain Goffstown's three municipal cemeteries. The largest cemetery is the Westlawn Cemetery located on North Mast Road just north of the village. The other municipal cemeteries are the Hillside Cemetery across from the Grasmere Town Hall (on Goffstown Back Road in Grasmere) and the Shirley Hill Cemetery on Back Mountain Road. There are many historic features in all of Goffstown's municipal cemeteries. For for information, call (603) 497-3617 or e-mail the Department of Public Works.


Cemetery Fees

Service Type Cost
Cremation Burial (Regular Hours) $200
Cremation Burial (After Hours) $350
Vault Burial (Regular Hours) $750
Vault Burial (After Hours) $900
Foundation Installation $15/Cubic Foot ($300 Minimum)
 Foundation Installation - Veteran Marker  $50
5' x 5' Cemetery Lot Size $250 (Double Cremation)
10' x 3.5' Cemetery Lot Size $500 (Single Full Burial & 2 Cremations)
10' x 7' Cemetery Lot Size $1,000 (Double Full Burial & 4 Cremations)