Curbside Program

As of October 1, 2016 - The Single Stream Recycle Rules have changed slightly.  Please click the Zero-Sort Recycle Image Below for more information and call Cathy Willmott with any questions at 603-497-3617 x 200.

ZeroSort Flyer 

List of items that MUST be Brought to Transfer Station (Items are NOT acceptable in either the green trash barrel or the blue recycle barrel, some items may require a disposal fee)

Common Recycling Mistakes In Goffstown

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Simple Steps to Prepare Recyclables

  • GLASS - Clear, brown and green should be rinsed clean.
  • ALUMINUM, TIN and STEEL CANS should be rinsed clean.
  • PLASTIC should be rinsed clean. ALL PLASTICS MUST HAVE: the recycling symbol and the #1 - #7 clearly marked on the item to be recycled.
  • ASEPTIC PACKAGING such as juice boxes and milk completely emptied and rinsed if possible.
  • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD should be flattened inside the recycling barrel. Corrugated cardboard consists of cardboard where the center layer is ridged.
  • MIXED PAPER such as junk mail, magazines, newspaper, cartons and office paper are accepted. As a general rule "if it tears, it's paper" and can be recycled. Packages partially comprised of foil, blueprints, and food soiled paper (such as napkins and paper plates) are excluded.
  • PLASTIC BAGS are NOT recyclable.  


The Goffstown Transfer Station Facility does not provide pick up service for bulky waste, such as furniture, appliances, yard waste, Christmas trees, etc.

Violation Notice

Recycling Bin Inspections NOTICE

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