2018 Posted Roads

Effective March 30, 2018 the Weight Restriction Road Posting has been lifted. 

AS OF TODAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2018 the Goffstown road posting is in effect.


Per RSA 231:191, the Town of Goffstown must employ load/weight restrictions during the spring thaw period. The Town’s load limit policy (see below) is effective February 27, 2018 for posted roads. This is done to prevent roadway damage and to protect the large infrastructure investment the Town has made.

Waivers will be issued by DPW on an emergency basis only as conditions allow. Contact Cathy Willmott at 497-3617 x200 to apply.

Load Limit Policy (Adopted 2011)

Weight Limit Sign Example

2018 Posted Road List

Goffstown Map with Posted Roads