Services and Resources

Public transportation is essential to support people's independence and connect them to social activities, economic opportunities, and community services. The Goffstown shuttle (MTA Bus) is the primary form of public transportation service in town. It is an on-demand program available to residents of all ages, with a special emphasis on older adults and seniors. The Manchester Transit Authority also runs a shopper shuttle every Tuesday morning for Goffstown Residents to Hannaford (Bedford).

Bus Services


An estimated 36% of Goffstown’s households include at least one individual age 60 or older, and one third of those are held by a resident age 60 or older living alone. The physical features of a home are critical to enable residents to age in place and maintain their living arrangement. Many resources are available to help Goffstown residents maintain their independence through affordable housing, home modification and retrofit. 

Tax Exemptions - Tax exemptions may be available for seniors, veterans, and low or moderate income homeowners. For more information on exemptions or credits contact the Assessing Department at 603-497-8990 x112.

Health, Wellness & Social Activities

Physical activities and social interactions improve health, mobility, quality of life, and fight senior isolation and loneliness. Goffstown residents have many options of activities through the Parks and Recreation, the Library and several independent groups that are very active around town.

Parks and Recreation activities

Bone Builders

Adult Social


Volunteer/Social Activities

Nutrition Program & Meals on Wheels

Adequate nutrition is necessary for health, immune system strength, functionality and the ability to remain independent. Meals on Wheels ensures that seniors have access to adequate nutrition even when family support, mobility and resources are lacking. The Goffstown Network runs the town's food pantry in the Parish House of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church (7 N. Mast St.), distributing grocery products and perishable foods to the community. In addition to local nutrition programs, there are other federal programs available to assist families and individuals who have limited food resources.

Consult a Social Worker

Low income residents may be entitled to assistance with rent, food, utilities and maintenance items. For further information regarding Goffstown's assistance programs, contact the Welfare Office at 497-8990 x100.

Family Care giving

Care giving for a family member is an important responsibility that can generate emotional and financial strains. Many institutions provide support to caregivers through information and resources on legal, medical, emotional, and financial matters.

Senior Living, Assisted Living Facilities & Nursing Homes

  • Abingdon Square Townhomes

  • Bel-Air Nursing Home

  • Edward J. Roy Apartments

  • Golden Haven

  • Highwood Village Apartments

  • Hillsborough County Nursing Home

  • Medvil Cooperative

  • The Inn at Parker Station

  • The Meetinghouse at Goffstown

  • Villager

Hospitals & Primary Care Facilities




Stay up-to-date with relevant information from the Goffstown Police  and Fire Departments, severe weather, criminal activities, construction projects, traffic, local events, and more.