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Start Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 7:00 pm
Categories: Public Meeting*


                                WEDNESDAY– FEBRUARY 24, 2021


Town Mitigation Projects ReviewAdam Jacobs, DPW Director

Plan Presentations  Map 12 Lot 10, Robert Starace Homes, LLC, five (5) lot subdivision, Montelona Road, Zoned:  Agricultural (Comments/recommendations need to be forwarded to the Planning Board.)

Correction/Acceptance of the Minutes and Non-Public Minutes of December 09, 2020:


  • Abutter Notification - Tania Gosselin, Variance to allow the construction of a deck and a sunroom with dormer(s) onto the rear of the home, approximately 15 ft. from the side property line whereas a minimum 25 ft. setback is required per Section 4.3 (Table of Dimensional Regulations) of the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance. The property is located at 16 Incline Avenue, a Class VI Road, (Map 42, Lot 7), Zoned Agricultural (Emailed to Commission previously.)
  • Copy NHDES Emergency Bridge Repair Notification for 358 East Dunbarton Road, Hardy Brook.
  • Copy of NHDES Dredge & Fill Permit for Bridge Repair, Route 114, Gorham Pond Brook.
  • Copy of Society for the Protection of NH Forests Annual Monitoring for Open Space Easements: Ruth Clark Revocable Trust Easement and the Gayle W. Shost Irrevocable Trust Easement.
  • Copy of NHDES Forestry Notification for Bog Road, Map 4 Lot 44, Lumberjack, LLC.
  • Copy of Letter sent to Select Board from Conservation Commission recommending Elm Street Drainage System as a priority for a Town Mitigation Project near 178 Elm Street, Map 36, Lots 78 & 79.
  • Copy of Notice of EverSource Tree Pruning off Perimeter Road, Map 40, Lot 47A.
  • Information/Guidance about NH Fish and Game, “A Quick Trails for People and Wildlife Update”.
  • Copy of email from NHACC regarding Legislative Update 2021.

Plan Review:  Map 21 Lots 109 & 110, Lot Line Adjustment on 521 & 523 Mast Road, Michael & Marlene Turcotte (Both lots have an existing single-family home located on them. Comments requested to be sent to the Planning Board.)

Commission needs to reappoint Open Space Committee Members:  David Nieman 2017-2020, Jean Walker                  2017-2020, Julie Grandgeorge 2017-2018, Charlie Bedard 2020-2021, and Vacant 2017-2020.          

Open Space Update & Open Space:  Non-Public Session per RSA 91-A:3II(d), (Real Estate): (If necessary)