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Start Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 7:00 pm
Categories: Public Meeting*

Public Discussions:
Application that Needs a Recommendation to be forwarded to the ZBA:
Map 36, Lot 11, Margaret Darrah, Applicant/Owner, is seeking Variances to demolish an existing screen room and rebuild a new screen room of the same size that will be located closer to the front property line setback than permitted, whereas 25 ft. is required, and to allow the structure to be built within the inner 50ft. of the required 100 ft. Wetland Surface Water Conservation District Buffer. This concerns Section 4.3 (Table of Dimensional Regulations) and Section 13.3 of the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance. The property is located on 230 Elm Street Zoned: Residetnial-1
Applications that Need a Recommendation to be forwarded to the Planning Board:
Map 34 Lot 63, Site Plan Review for a Proposal to Build a 392 sq. ft. Addition to the Front of the Putnam’s
Waterview Restaurant Building that will Add more Seating, as well as add an Outdoor Seasonal Patio Area.
John Putnam, Owner, Located on 40 Main Street, Zoned: Village Commercial District
Map 18 Lots 60-1 & 60-2, Subdivision/Site Plan Review for a Proposal to Merge the Above Referenced Lots into One Lot, and Create a 2 (Two) Unit Land Condominium Form of Ownership of the Property, LEED Development, LLC, Owner, Located on Abingdon Way/Mast Road, Zoned: Commercial
Map 34 Lots 76A & 90, Subdivision/Site Plan Review for a Proposal to Consolidate the Two Lots into One Lot (76A) and Build a 16,200 sq. ft. Manufacturing Building on the Newly Created Lot 76A. Also Being Proposed is an Access and Utility Easement Along the Kendall Hadley Right of Way. Property Owners are Fletcher Mountain USA, LLC & Northeastern Sheet Metal, Inc., Located on 7 Church Street (Map 34 Lot 90) & 28 Depot Street (Map 34 Lot 76A), Zoned: Village Commercial & Commercial Industrial Flex Zone (CIFZ)
Map 3 Lota 32A & 32A-1, Lot Line Adjustment/Site Plan Review to Adjust the Lot Lines Between Lots 32A & 32A-1, and Build Nine (9) Storage Unit Buildings (41,750 sq. ft. total) on Lot 32A, Owner are Goffstown Harvest Christian Church and Cote Park, LLC, and Applicant is Andover Consulting Group, Inc., located on Daniel Plummer Road/ Cote Avenue/St. Anselm’s Drive and route 114, Zoned: Industrial
Correction/Acceptance of the Minutes of September 28, 2017:
Review of Budget:
Open Space:
1) NH Association of Conservation Commission Membership Dues. (Need to vote pavement of the $666.00 to pay for the dues.)
2) Piscataquog Newsletter.
3) Wetlands Utility Maintenance Notification.
4) Copy of Letter sent to Shannon McCarthy from Town Administrator stating violations that need to be correct with regard to Crescent Lane.
Other Business:
November Meeting – Cancel or Meet on November 15th or November 29th?