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Start Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 6:30 pm
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Public Discussions:

Control of Milfoil in Our Local Waterways – Community Discussion with the City of Manchester Conservation Commission, Amy Smagula of NH Department of Environmental Services, Goffstown Waterways Association and Namaske Lake Association; on how to work together to control Milfoil, an invasive plant species in our local rivers and lakes.

Correction/Acceptance of the Minutes of April 26, 2017: 


  • Recommendation needed to the Board of Selectmen regarding tax-deeded property and easement land swap. Swapping Town owned Map 24 Lot 44 & 44-R-6 to an abutting property owner, and obtain and easement across Map 24 Lot 44-R8, privately owned, for future sewer expansion.
  • Copy of NHDES Dredge & Fill Application to have a driveway cross Map 23 Lot 11 to access Map 23 Lot 13 to allow development of Lot 13. (This will need a Conditional Use Permit from Planning Board for the driveway access.)
  • Copy of NHDES Wetlands Permit for Woodland Village, Map 4 Lot 87-6, Bog and Mountain Road.
  • Copy of NHDES Letter of Deficiency to Shannon McCarthy for 30 Crescent Lane, Map 40 Lot 2.
  • Copy of Intent to Cut Permit for Phyllis Moriarty and NHDES Forestry Notification, Autumn and Saunders Road, Map 7 Lot 55.
  • Copy of Intent to Cut Permit for Kenneth Cooley, Elm Street & Heather Hill Road, Map 5 Lot 6.
  • Map 7 Lot 19-11
  • Notification from NHDES that they received a Wetlands Permit Application for John Bohan, Map 19-11
  • Copy of thank you letter to Scout Jessica Edmonds for her trail sign work for the Uncanoonuc Trails.
  • Intent to Cut Permit for Sterling, Map 7 lots 3-13-4, 27 and 27-1, Parker Station Road.
  • Copy of Letter from Gove Environmental Services regarding Collis Adams is one of five recipients receiving the 2017 National Wetlands Awards.
  • NHDES Wetlands Utility Maintenance Notification.
  • Town and City Magazine – May/June 2017.

Plan Reviews: A recommendation is requested to be given to the Planning Board for the following applications:

Map 9 Lot 66, Subdivision Plan Review Hearing for a proposal to subdivide the property into two (2) lots, creating one (1) new lot. Property Owner: Adam Boisclair & Tina Labbe, 54 Grady Hill Road & East Dunbarton Road, Zoned: Agricultural  

Map 5 Lot 93, Subdivision Plan Review for a proposal to subdivide the property into two (2) lots, creating one (1) new lot. Property Owner: Marc Tessier, Jr. 92 Wallace Road, Zoned: Residential-1  

Open Space Committee: