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Start Date: Thursday, December 14, 2017 7:00 pm
Categories: Public Meeting*

                                     GOFFSTOWN PLANNING BOARD MEETING




   7:00 P.M.                             CORRESPONDENCE & ACTION ITEMS:

Development Review Application Public Hearings:



Map 37 Lot 29, Completeness Review/Final Subdivision Plan Review Hearing for a Proposed Two (2) Lot Subdivision, Applicant/Owners: The D’Agostino Revocable Trust of 2001, Antonia D’Agostino, Trustee/Owner, Sarah D’Agostino & Robin D’Agostino, Owners, Located on 55 North Mast Street & Church Street, Zoned: RSBO-1 (Residential, Small Business Office District-1)

Map 34, Lots 80 & 88, Completeness Review/Final Subdivision Plan Review Hearing for a Proposed Lot Line Adjustment Between the Two (2) Lots, Fletcher Mountain USA, LLC, Owner & GH Village Properties, LLC, Applicant, Located on 9 Church Street & 22 Main Street, Zoned: Village Commercial

Map 25, Lot 3, Completeness Review/Request for Relief from the Outer 50’ of the 100’ Wetlands Surface Water Conservation District Buffer Hearing, to Allow for a Single Family Home to be Built that will be Located Within the Outer 50’ of the Wetlands Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District Buffer, Whereas a 100’ Setback from the Waterway is Required. The Property is Located on 79 Danis Park Road, Benjamin Guertin, Owner, Zoned: Residential-2 & WSWC District Overlay

Map 2 Lot 63-6, Completeness Review/Conditional Use Permit Hearing to Allow for a Second Driveway to Remain on the Property Located at 21 Tanager Road, that will not Meet the Lot Frontage Requirement of 250 ft. that is Required for a Second Driveway as Per Section 7.4.2 of the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance. David & Rachel Landry, Owners, are Seeking a Conditional Use Permit from the Planning Board, per Section 7.5 of the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance, to Allow for the Second Driveway to Remain. The Property is Zoned: Agricultural

Map 3 Lot 28, Conceptual Review Hearing in Regards to Building the Remaining (7) Seven Lots of the (9) Nine Lot Open Space Subdivision of Anna King Revocable Trust, that was Approve in 2012, for (8) Eight Single Family Home Lots with One (1) Open Space Lot. The Remaining Lots that are Unbuilt are Lot 28-1 through Lot 28-7. The Property is Located on Kennedy Hill Road & Shirley Hill Road, Owner: Strategic Contracting, Co., LLC, Zoned: Agricultural



NOTE: “Any person with a disability who wishes to attend this public meeting and needs to be provided a reasonable accommodation in order to participate, please call the Town Hall (497-8990 Ext 117) at least 72 hours in advance so that arrangements can be made.”