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Start Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 7:00 pm
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John Kissell, Eagle Scout Presentation for Kiosk at the Black Brook Trail located off of Blackbriar Woods on Fieldstone Drive

Jason Cote of Troop 99 Request to Camp in June on the Glen Lake Island

Map 31 Lot 18, Kevin Finke Requesting Conservation Commission to sign off in Expedited NHDES Permit for Seasonal Boat Dock off his property on 71 Shirley Park Road.

Public Hearing:

In accordance with RSA 36-A:5, the Goffstown Conservation Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday April 25, 2018 at 7:00 PM in Room 106, (the Mildred Stark Room) at the Town Hall, 16 Main Street, Goffstown, NH 03045, to receive public comment pertinent to expending conservation funds to purchase Map 8, Lot 13A (located off Stinson Road), a 10.9-acre parcel, to conserve land bordering Paige Hill Marsh, a Town designated Prime Wetland.

Update from Eversource Regarding Access Road on Yacum Hill/Alpine Drive:

Eversource Glen Lake Project:

Proposed land swap with the Conservation Commission and Jon Barton for swapping land to bring barn into conformance, Mountain Road, Map 1, Lot 35A. Currently the barn straddles both Lot 35A and Lot 35 and the land swap would give enough land to bring the barn onto its own lot and give the Conservation Commission an acre in return.

Plan Reviews:

Map 17 Lots 184-1 & 183, 39 Laurier Street, LLC & RHR Realty, LLC for Lot Line Adjustment and a Site Plan for an 80’ X 40’ ware house building to be on Lot 183, off of Laurier Street.  A Variance was given to reduce the lot size of Lot 184-1 which is where Ernie’s Excavation is located, on Laurier Street.

Map 37, Lots 6 & 5, Site Plan for 110’ tower to be built on off of Church Street, Owners: Raymond & Vivian Blondeau

Correction/Acceptance of the Minutes of the Minutes of March 28, 2018 and Non-public Minutes of March 28, 2018


  • Letter from Amy Pollock requesting to be reappointed as members of the Conservation Commission.
  • Karen McRae requesting to be re-appointed as a member of the Conservation Commission.
  • Copy of Letter from NHDES Regarding installation of a dock without a permit at 71 Shirley Park Road.
  • Notice of Intent to Excavate, Map 6 Lot 11-1, Goffstown Back Road.
  • Intent to Cut Permit for Map 4 Lots 1, 2 and 3, on Worthley Hill Road.
  • Intent to Cut Permit for Map 5 Lot 70, on Rainbow Drive.
  • Copy of Complete Forestry Notification from NHDES for Map 7 Lot 55, 88 Saunders Road.
  • Copy of Wetlands and Non-Site Specific Permit 2017-01462, Map 23 Lot 13, Chatel Avenue.
  • Piscataquog Newsletter.
  • Copy of Wetlands Permit Application for Stinson Road Culvert, submitted by the Town of Goffstown.
   Open Space: Non-Public Session per RSA 91-A:3II(d), (Real Estate):   (If