Month Flat Week Day
Start Date: Monday, June 25, 2018 6:00 pm
Categories: Public Meeting*

June 25, 2018




6:00 pm

1.     Acceptance/Correction of Minutes - 6/11/18 public and nonpublic

6:05 pm

2.     Announcements

6:10 pm

3.     Public Comment

6:15 pm

4.     Gregory Keating – Class VI Road Maintenance (Kennedy Hill Road)

6:25 pm

5.     Fire Chief – Station 19 Gas Conversion Project Bid Results

6:35 pm

6.     Police Chief – Dispatching Services, SRO position, Highway Safety Committee

7:05 pm

7.     DPW Director – Project Updates, Uncanoonuc Dam Project Change Order

7:15 pm

8.     Town Administrator’s Report

a.     Selectmen Committee Meeting Schedule

b.     Consensus Folder

c.     Assessor’s Recommendations

d.     Barton Lot Line Adjustment Deeds

e.     Road Tracking Form – Mast Road/Larch Street Sidewalk

f.      Committee Appointments

g.     NHMA Policy Solicitation

h.     Capital Project Fund return to Impact Fee Accounts

i.      Special Event Permits

j.      2018 Fee Updates

7:30 pm

9.     Selectmen Discussion

a.     New Business: Curbside Collection and Sewer Cleaning Services

b.     Committee Meeting Reports: As needed

c.     Old Business: Sewer Use Ordinance, Action matrix

7:45 pm

10.    Public Comment

7:50 pm

11.    Non-Public Session RSA 91-A:3, II (a) compensation, (e) pending claims

ADJOURN by 10:00 pm