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Start Date: Monday, November 27, 2017 7:00 pm
Categories: Public Hearing*



In compliance with RSA 41:14-b the Selectmen announce Public Hearings on 11/13/17 and 11/27/17 at 7:00 PM at Town Hall 16 Main St. Goffstown NH to accept public input on the proposed ordinance entitled “Laurel Street Speed Limit”. Copies of the proposed ordinance are available online at or in the Town Clerk’s Office. A vote is scheduled on this ordinance on 12/11/17. Any person with a disability who needs a reasonable accommodation, please call the Town Hall (497-8990 ext 100) at least 72 hours in advance for arrangements.

Town of Goffstown
ORDINANCE OF THE Board of Selectmen for the Town of Goffstown

The Board of Selectmen for the Town of Goffstown ordain as follows
  1. TITLE: This ordinance shall be known and may be cited as the Laurel Street Speed Limit ordinance of the Town of Goffstown.
  2. AUTHORITY: RSA 265:63, Alteration of Limits, 41:14-b Adoption and Amendment of Town Codes and Ordinances
  3. DECLARATION OF PURPOSE: To ensure safe passage of vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and other users along the entire length of Laurel Street in said Goffstown, the speed limit thereon shall be a maximum of twenty-five (25) miles per hour at all times, unless specifically excluded below.
  4. ENFORCING AUTHORITY: The Goffstown Police Department
  5. PENALTIES: Unless otherwise stated, any person or unnatural person within the meaning of the Criminal Code, who violates an ordinance shall be guilty of a violation. Pursuant to RSA 502-A:11-a, the District Court shall have jurisdiction of the prosecution of any violation of the Town of Goffstown Ordinances. All fines collected shall be for the use of the Town. The Town may enforce to the maximum penalty allowed by law for violation-level offenses. The enforcement authority may issue a summons and complaint along with a notice of fine pursuant to the procedures for pleas by mail set out in RSA 502-A:19-b. Fines shall not exceed $1,000.00 per offense
  6. WAIVERS: The Board of Selectmen retains the authority to waive any or all provisions of this ordinance for emergencies, by doing so at a duly noted meeting.
  7. EXCLUSIONS: These requirements shall not apply where State Law governs such matters. There is also an express exclusion for emergency vehicles of any public entity providing emergency response and responding to an emergency at the time, and in the case of ambulance or rescue services providing emergency transport from/through the area to a medical facility.
This ordinance shall take effect upon passage.