Start Date: Thursday, August 09, 2018 7:00 pm
Categories: Public Hearing*







7:00 P.M.                             CORRESPONDENCE & ACTION ITEMS:


Map 37 Lots 5 & 6, Conditional Use Permit/Final Site Plan Review Hearing for a proposal to erect a new tower with the height of 110 feet for a new telecommunication facility. The applicants are also proposing to collocate antennas on the tower, along with proposed necessary equipment with equipment shelters on the above-mentioned properties. Also proposed is to merge Map 37 Lot 5 into Lot 6 to give frontage off of Church Street. Applicant: VWI Towers, LLC d/b/a Varsity Wireless, Owner: Raymond G. Blondeau, located on 91 Church Street, Zoned: Commercial, Industrial Flex Zone (CIFZ) (Continued from July 12, 2018 Planning Board Meeting)


Map 15 Lot 103, Completeness Review/Waiver of Development Regulations Application of David Oles & Sunisa Mathews, Owners, for a proposal to pave and extend the driveway along the existing home that will encroach into the 10’ side property line setback requirement for driveways, as required in Section 8 Driveways: C.5, of the Goffstown Development Regulations. The property is located at 28 College Road, Zoned: Residential-2


Map 3 Lot 37, Completeness Review/Site Plan Review Application of West Street Keene, LLC Owner &

Thomas A. Riley, Partner, for a proposal to convert the existing building that is located on the property where the former real estate office was located, into an urgent care medical facility, that will have both medical and general office space. The property is located at 558 Mast Road & Daniel Plummer Road, Zoned: Commercial


Map 4 Lot 87-6, Completeness Review/Site Plan Amendment & Time Extension Request for the Approved Subdivision/Site Application of Woodland Trust, Applicant & Placid Woods, Owner, located on Bog Road & Mountain Road, to subdivide the lot into two lots, and to build seventy-six (76) townhouse style condominium units, totaling thirteen (13) buildings. This proposal was approved back in September of 2009. The applicant has one year from the date of approval to meet the conditions of the approval in order for the plan to be signed and recorded at the Registry of Deeds. Since that time frame is about to expire, the applicant is coming before the Board to ask for an additional time extension to allow for more time to meet the conditions of approval. The previous time extension was granted in September 2017 and is scheduled to expire in September 2018. Also being requested, is to amend the site plan to allow for a reduction in the footprint of the buildings and to change the ownership from a condominium form of ownership to having one (1) owner of all 76 multi-family units (thirteen (13) buildings). Zoned: Residential-1


Map 6 Lot 26-1 & Map 27 Lots 19 & 20, Completeness Review/Conditional Use Permit Application of Public Service of New Hampshire dba Eversource Energy, Utility Easement Owner for property located off Henry Bridge Road, for a proposal to replace overhead electric utility structures along the existing 34.5 kV 328 Distribution Line – Elm Street to Louis Street Rebuild Project. As part of the proposed work, new Poles 60 and 61 will be installed to replace existing Pole 43, Pole 57 is being installed to replace existing Pole 40.5 and Pole 56 is being installed to replace existing Pole 40. The line is being off-set approximately 15 feet so that it can be installed during energized conditions. Existing Pole 43 is approximately 38 feet from Harry Brook.

New Poles 60 and 61 will be installed approximately 35 and 30 feet from Harry Brook, respectively. Existing Pole 40.5 and proposed Pole 57 are both approximately 15 feet from Harry Brook. Existing Pole 40 and proposed Pole 56 are approximately 28 feet and 36 feet from the Piscataquog River, respectively. A Conditional Use Permit is required per Section of the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance, to replace structures within the Wetlands and Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District. Zoned: Agricultural & Wetlands & Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) Overlay District



NOTE: “Any person with a disability who wishes to attend this public meeting and needs to be provided a reasonable accommodation in order to participate, please call the Town Hall (497-8990 Ext 117) at least 72 hours in advance so that arrangements can be made.”