Public Notice - Planning Board Meeting Agenda - 07/09/20


In accordance with the Governor’s Emergency Order #12, Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04, the Planning Board will utilize the emergency meeting provisions of RSA 91-A to conduct meetings through electronic means while preserving, to the extent feasible, the public's right to notice of such meetings and ability to observe and listen contemporaneously. On the evening of the meeting, you can listen contemporaneously on the telephone by calling: (603) 766-JOIN (5646). Once you call in you will need to enter the Participation Code: 785645#. Please make sure you enter the # sign after the numbers to participate.  If you are having difficulty calling in to the number to participate, please call (603)660-5000 for assistance.


Map 26, Lot 23, Eastpoint Rentals, 273 Mast Road, discussion on landscaping


Map 18, Lots 30 & 32,  Completeness Review/Site Plan Amendment Review Hearing for a proposal to add a towing business (Jorker Towing, LLC) to an existing commercial property that currently has an automotive repair/collision repair business and an automotive sales business currently located on it.  KCK Enterprises, LLC (Charles Perras), Owner & Jorker Towing, LLC, Applicant, located at 578 Mast Road, Zoned: Commercial (Continued from the June 25, 2020 Meeting.)

Map 6 Lot 43, Conditional Use Permits/Site Plan Review Application of Goffstown Green Thumb Landscaping, Applicant, and Theresa Mahoney & Jay Baron, Owners, for a proposal to convert a single family home into a landscape nursery with retail, shop (Garden Center).  A Conditional Use Permit is required per Section 7.4.3 of the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance, as the lot does not meet the frontage requirement that allows for a second driveway access.  The property is located at 278 Mast Road, Zoned: (CIFZ) Commercial Industrial Flex Zone (Continued from the June 11, 2020 Meeting.)


Map 35. Lot 35 (Lots 35-1 through 35-18), Completeness Review/Conditional Use Permit Application of Millers Landing Condo Association, Applicant/Owners, for a proposal to add a sign to the entrance to the condominium development (Millers Landing).  The property is located on Elm Street/Cedar Way, Zoned:  Residetnial-1

Map 31, Lot 2, Completeness Review/Conditional Use Permit Application of 1776 Associates, Inc., Applicant/Owners, for a proposal to convert an existing four unit commercial office building into a two unit commercial office building with two apartments on the upper floor.  This proposal will remove two of the existing office/business units and replace them with two apartments.  No additions or exterior changes are proposed.  Located on 152 Mast Road, Zoned:  Commercial       

Map 34, Lot 171, Completeness Review/Time Extension Request for time to be extended on  the approved Relief of the Outer 50’ of the 100’ Wetland Service Water Conservation District Buffer & Final Site Plan Review Application of Hadley Falls Development, LLC; c/o Charter Development, Owners, for a proposal to convert the existing mill building into a 13-unit multi-family building (5,600 sq. ft.) and demolish all the other buildings, except the hydro building and the existing stack with the accessory building, and build two more multi-family buildings. One new multi-family building will have 47 units (15,050 sq. ft.) and the other new building will have 39 multi-family units (12,522 sq. ft.).  In addition, the applicant was granted relief of the outer 50’ of the 100 ft. WSWC District Buffer to allow for the construction of the multi-family buildings along with onsite improvements.  The applicant has one year from the date of approval to meet the conditions of approval.  This application was approved on July 11, 2019, and because that approval is about to expire, the applicant is requesting a time extension to allow more time to meet the conditions of the approval.  The property is located on 15 Factory Street, Map 34, Lot 171 & 171L, Zoned: Village Commercial & Wetlands Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District Overlay


NOTE: “Any person with a disability who wishes to attend this public meeting and needs to be provided a reasonable accommodation in order to participate, please call the Town Hall (497-8990 Ext 117) at least 72 hours in advance so that arrangements can be made.”