Public Notice - Intent to Cut - 10/14/2021

Public Notice of Notice of Intent to Cut As Required by RSA 79:10, II (b)1

Date: October 14, 2021

Property: Map 4, Lot 87-6

Location: Off Mountain & Bog Road

Owner: WV Owner, LLC

Operation #: 21-175-09 T

Two complete Notice of Intents to Cut Wood or Timber were received by the Town of Goffstown Assessing Office on January 25, 2021. The Assessing Office has verified that:

  1. All owners of record have signed the Intent;

  2. The land to be harvested is not under the Current Use Unproductive category;

  3. The form is complete and accurate; and

  4. A timber tax bond is not required.

As required by RSA 79:10, II (b), the Notice of Intent to Cut will be signed within 15 days.

Please contact Scott W. Bartlett with any questions or concerns.