Public Notice - Intent to Cut - 08/05/2022

Public Notice of Notice of Intent to Cut As Required by RSA 79:10, II (b)1

Date: August 5, 2022

Property: Map 10, Lot 6

Location: 34 Tenney Road

Owner: David & Melanie Cameron

Operation #: 22-175-03 T

A completed Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber was received by the Town of Goffstown
Assessing Office. The Assessing Office has verified that:

1) All owners of record have signed the Intent;
2) The land to be harvested is not under the Current Use Unproductive category;
3) The form is complete and accurate; and
4) A timber tax bond is not required.

As required by RSA 79:10, II (b), the Notice of Intent to Cut will be signed within 15 days.

Please contact Scott W. Bartlett with any questions or concerns.


1 Effective September 1, 2018 all Intents to Cut must be signed by the assessing officials within 15 days of receipt. Public notice shall be posted for any intent to cut received by a municipality before it is signed by assessing officials.

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