Public Notice - Conservation Commission Meeting - 10/26/2022





Map 23, Lot 13 & 11, Subdivision Review & Request for Relief of the Outer 50’ of the 100’ Wetland Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District Buffer Hearing for a proposal to adjust the lot lines between the two existing lots and create a third new lot. The applicant is also requesting relief of the outer 50’ of the 100’ Wetlands Surface Water Conservation District Buffer for the proposed driveway encroachments and associated improvements. The properties are located at Chatel Avenue, owners are Vincent & Nicholas Urban (Lot 11) and Astron Holdings, LLC (Lot 13)Zoned: Residential-2

Map 5, Lots 14, 14-1 & 13-2, Map 1, Lots 11, 12 & 14, Conditional Use Permit Review Application of Public Service of New Hampshire dba Eversource Energy, Easement Owner, for a proposal to replace overhead electric utility structures along the existing 3194 and 3271 Transmission Lines as part of an ongoing rebuild project. Some of the new/replacement structures and site improvements will be located within the Wetland Surface Water Conservation District. A Conditional Use Permit is required per Section 13.3.4 and Section of the Goffstown Zoning Ordinance, to replace structures within the Wetlands and Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) District. The Easement areas located off Elm Street (Map 5, Lots 14, 14-1 & 13-2), and Back Mountain Road (Map 1, Lots 11, 12 & 14), Zoned: Agricultural, Residential-1, Conservation and Open Space (Conservancy), & Wetland & Surface Water Conservation (WSWC) Overlay District.

Correction/Acceptance of the Minutes of September 23, 2022


1) Copy of mapping done by Andrew Cadorette, of areas of Milfoil in Mill Pond up to the New Boston Townline along with photos. (Staff submitted to State in hopes to treat this year with other work proposed.)

2) Copy of NHDES Permit By Notification for repairs to the boat ramp at Glen Lake.

3) Copy of Letter from Keach-Nordstrom stating they’ve applied for a Shoreland Permit with NHDES for work within the 250 for and ADU located at 221 Elm Street, Map 36, Lot 36. (This is not within in the 100 ft. WSWC District Buffer.)

4) NH Association of Conservation Commission letter regarding membership renewal. (Staff already processed invoice for dues.)

5) Does the Commission want to change the November Meeting to November 16th? The regular meeting falls on Thanksgiving Eve.

Open Space Committee Update:

Open Space: Non-Public Session per RSA 91-A:3II(d), (Real Estate): (If necessary)

NOTE: “Any person with a disability who wishes to attend this public meeting and needs to be provided a reasonable accommodation in order to participate, please call the Town Hall (497-8990 Ext 117) at least 72 hours in advance so that arrangements can be made.”