Public Hearings - Jumping from Main St. Bridge Ordinance - 08/14/2023 and 08/28/2023



NH RSA 41:14-b

The Goffstown Select Board will conduct a Public Hearing in accordance with NH RSA 41:14-b on 08/14/23 and 08/28/23 at 6:30 pm at Goffstown Town Hall, 16 Main Street, Goffstown, NH to accept public input on proposed amendment to the “Ordinance Prohibiting Jumping Off the Main Street Bridge” to clarify the authority for the ordinance and penalties for violation of the ordinance. The Select Board will also receive public input about including a prohibition from jumping of the granite bridge abutment, which is located on the Town’s rail trail. Copies of the proposed ordinances are available online at or in the Town Clerk’s Office. The Select Board is scheduled to vote on any amendment to this ordinance on 09/11/23.

Any person with a disability who needs a reasonable accommodation, please call the Town Hall (497-8990 ext 100) at least 72 hours in advance for arrangements.