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Thank you for visiting the Town of Goffstown Fire Department website.  Your fire department consists of highly dedicated men and women who are proud to serve the citizens of and visitors to Goffstown.  As we serve the community, we always remember our core goals of Valor, Excellence, and Selflessness.

Our Services

Goffstown Fire Department provides a wide range of emergency and non-emergency services to the community and its visitors.  These services range from fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention, code enforcement, risk reductions, technical rescue, hazard mitigations, community outreach to issuing fire permits.  When it comes to our emergency medical services division, we have three levels of EMS providers.  The three levels are EMT-Basics, Advanced EMT, and Paramedics.  Each level of provider brings a different skillset when responding to emergency responses.  

Our Personnel

The Fire Department’s most valuable resource is its employees. Without our employees, we would not be able to accomplish the goal of meeting the community’s needs. The Fire Department operates with 6 members on duty 24/7, consisting of 5 Firefighters and 1 Lieutenant per group. Additionally, we have a Chief of Department, Deputy Fire Chief, Training Captain, Lieutenant Fire Inspector, and an Executive Secretary. We also have part-time shift and on-call positions. These positions consist of dedicated Officers, Firefighters, and EMS personnel, many of whom live in the community they serve.

Our Mission    

The Goffstown Fire Department is committed to providing emergency and non-emergency services to the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Goffstown.  We provide these services through emergency response, education, communication, and interactions with the community on a daily basis.

I hope you have found our website to be helpful.  If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a visit to one of our fire stations, please do not hesitate to contact our Administrative Offices at (603) 497-3619.