Fire Department History


The History of the Goffstown Fire Department can be dated as far back as 1827. When the Senate and the House of Representatives convened and enacted that there would be the Amoskeag Hose Company in Goffstown. The Amoskeag Hose Company was tasked with providing fire protection in Goffstown with a budget of one thousand dollars.


May 12, 1885 a special town meeting was held and a vote taken to raise one thousand five hundred dollars for the purchase of fire apparatus. This vote also stated that a fire precinct would be formed in the west village, the Selectmen immediately form the “Goffstown Village Fire Precinct”.


The Goffstown Fire Precinct was tasked with the construction of a waterworks hydrant system. A dam was built measuring 272 ½ feet long and 27 ½ feet high, 26,574 feet of pipe was laid and 40 hydrants were set, at a cost of forty two thousand dollars.


The Goffstown Village Fire Precinct began lighting the streets of Goffstown with electricity.


The first fire-alarm system was installed in the Village which proved very beneficial.