Goffstown Parks and Recreation would like to introduce the Promoting Local Activity for Youth (P.L.A.Y.) program! This is a virtual program we have created to help inspire young people and families in the community to remain active and healthy while in the confines of their own homes or neighborhoods. Even though this is a time of social distancing, we still have the ability to stay connected as a community through social media, which is why we will be running this program through our Facebook page, Goffstown Parks and Recreation. This program may have “youth” in the name, but it is designed for all ages and all are encouraged to participate. There are two different aspects to this program to appeal to all who wish to participate. Below you can find the descriptions for the Tag Your Friends Challenges and the Daily Activity Calendar, which include details about what they are and how to complete them. Points that you earn for completing these activities can be used to enter and potentially win different raffle prizes! There is no cost for this program; all you need is a Facebook page for you and your family to participate! It is very important to remember that while we are trying to inspire kids and families to be active we do not support or encourage physically meeting up with friends to compete these activities. We want to make sure that even if you participate in this program you still comply to CDC, Town, and other health and safety recommendations. Take a look at the descriptions below for details about the challenges, activities, and prizes. We hope you will join us for some virtual fun!

Tag Your Friends Challenges!

The Tag Your Friends Challenges are fun and competitive ways for kids to challenge each other (virtually) in a certain skill or activity! Throughout the month, there are many different challenges to participate in incorporating different sports and skills. Some of these challenges include foul shots, juggling, dribbling, trick shots, and target practice. Each one will be revealed via Facebook post the morning of each challenge day. All dates for the upcoming challenges can be found on the Daily Activity Calendar. Parents, you will need to help with the “submitting” part of this process! Here is what you will need to do. Once the challenge is revealed via Facebook then it is your child’s turn to give it a try. Have them complete the challenge and be sure to record them doing so. Take that video and post it on your own Facebook page. Be sure to TAG Goffstown Parks and Recreation (very important, this counts as your submission!) and anyone that they want to challenge. This can be one friend or multiple friends. Here is an example: Erin completes the first challenge and records herself doing so. In the Facebook post I mentioned that I challenge Rick (be sure to tag them as well, so they are notified) to complete the challenge! Feel free to continue challenging each other back and forth but make sure to try to bring other friends in on the challenge too! Please remember that we do not want you to meet up to complete these challenges. The purpose of using Facebook is to have these challenges be virtual so that we can continue to practice safe social distancing. Each completed challenge with a post on your page will result in 1 point (raffle entry) only if Goffstown Parks and Recreation is tagged in your post. This will give us a notification and let us know that you completed the challenge! If you attempt the challenge multiple times, that is fantastic, however you will only receive one point per challenge that your child completes. Want more points? You may complete the daily activity as well, which will give you 2 points total for the day! See the description for the daily activities below.

Daily Activity Calendar

The Daily Activity Calendar shows two things: a physical activity to be completed each day and the dates for the upcoming Tag Your Friend Challenges. You will notice that the specific challenges are not revealed until the day of. Daily activities can range from a walk or a run to a fitness circuit to a game of HORSE. Each day a Facebook post will be created on the Goffstown Parks and Recreation page with a full description for the daily activity and a drop-box* link where you will submit pictures and videos. If your child completes the activity, and hopefully you will join them, take a picture or video and upload it to the drop-box!*What is a drop-box? It a secure folder that only members of the recreation department have access to. Why are we using drop-box? This is the easiest and most secure way for you to submit pictures and videos to us. Every daily activity will have a different link and it will expire at the end of the day. In each folder, we can easily see everyone’s submissions, which makes it easier for us to keep track of your points! We also plan to create a compilation of these submissions and put them together into a video for our page to show our community staying active. If you wish to submit photos but do not want them used in the compilation video, you can contact us via email or phone and we will leave your photos out. Each completed daily activity that is submitted will result in 1 point (raffle entry). Print out the calendar, if you want, and mark the days off as you complete them to help keep track of all your points! Although it is certainly encouraged to complete the daily activities multiple times, only one point can be earned per day, per completed activity UNLESS your child also participates in the Tag Your Friend challenge. If you have not yet liked the Goffstown Parks and Recreation Facebook page, be sure to do so, that way our posts will show up on your timeline. Otherwise, be sure to search on Goffstown Parks and Recreation’s page each morning for the daily activity posts! Please keep in mind as you and your family complete the daily activities that they are not to be done in groups, unless that group is your family. It is just as important to stay healthy, as it is to stay active. Please check out the daily activity calendar below!

Raffle and Prizes

Once the program begins on Monday April 20th, there will be 30 days of activities and 8 Tag Your Friend challenges that you and your children have the chance to complete. For each of these that your child completes you will receive 1 point, which equals 1 raffle entry. If you have multiple children you will receive 1 point PER child, but be sure to capture both of them in the picture/video that you post on Facebook or in the drop-box. We also encourage parents to participate with their children, you will not receive any points for this but it is certainly more fun to do things as a family! Remember that you can only get points by posting in the drop-box links (daily activities) or by tagging Goffstown Parks and Recreation’s Facebook page (Tag Your Friend Challenges). At the end of the 30 days, points will be tallied up and totaled per family. There will be more than one raffle prize so you may choose to put your points towards whichever raffle you want, you can even split it up among multiple prizes. Prizes could include a FREE week of summer camp, a parks and recreation sports bundle, and more! **Specific raffle prizes will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!**

The P.L.A.Y. Program is set to begin on April 20th, so be sure to head over to Goffstown Parks and Recreation’s Facebook Page on that date to get started! Once again, this is free and all are encouraged to participate. We hope to see your staying active posts on Facebook and in our drop-box!

Poster Downloads: P.L.A.Y. Poster and P.L.A.Y. Calendar

P.L.A.Y Poster

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