Stinson Road Box Culvert

 The installation of a new drainage box culvert on Stinson Road between #114 and #127 Stinson Road (near the beaver dam) will be starting this week. This new culvert will replace two existing failing pipes with a new concrete structure that will allow for proper drainage flow and aquatic life passage. 
Work will include excavating across the full road in preparation for the installation of the new culvert so the road will be closed at this location. The road will be closed to thru traffic but residents will be able to access there homes form the respective sides of the closed work zone. Detour signs will be in place to get everyone around the work zone. Please see the below detour map. 
Work may start and stop based on the weather during this winter construction season. DPW crews will be focusing on snow clearing operations during and after each storm. The road will be finished and paved this spring
Please contact; Eric Gustafson at (603) 497-3617 ext. 227 with any questions. Thank you for your patience.
Stinson Closed Map2
Stinson Culvert 17
Stinson Culvert 20

12/10/18 -  Update
After fighting bitter cold last week, the new box culvert on Stinson Road was successfully installed with the help of a large crane. DPW crews started to back fill around the culvert on Friday as they start to rebuild the road. This week crews will continue rebuilding the road and installing the wing wall on the culvert that help direct the water into the new culvert. The guard rail contractor is scheduled to be on site later this week. 
20181206 112433
20181206 113335
20181206 142717
11/28/18 -  Traffic Alert
The Goffstown Department of Public Works announces construction work related to the Stinson Road Box Culvert, starting Thursday, November 29th and lasting a few weeks.  The work zone, between #114 and #127 Stinson Road, will be closed to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Local residents or businesses needing access to Stinson Road will be allowed, but must enter and exit from either side of the work zone, as they will be unable to cross the work zone. All thru traffic must use the posted detour. The road will remain closed overnight.

This notice and project updates are posted on the Town’s Web site (Go to Department of Public Works – Construction Projects).  Please contact; Eric Gustafson at (603) 497-3617 ext. 227 with any questions. Thank you for your patience.