Paige Hill Road Phase 2 (2016)

The road drainage and reclamation project began March 14, 2016 on Paige Hill Road from Winter Hill Road to Locust Hill Road. The Department of Public Works is the general contractor for the work.

The road will be closed daily to thru traffic. Residents within the workzone will be allowed in and out as needed but should expect minor delays. All thru traffic should please use the posted detour as shown on the attached map.

A neighborhood informational meeting was held at the intersection of Paige Hill Road and Winter Hill Road on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 6:00 P.M. The meeting involved a brief overview of the plans, and a short Q&A session.

Project updates will be posted on this article and on the Goffstown DPW Facebook page during the project. If you would like to be on the email distribution list for this project please contact Adam Jacobs, DPW Director via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Eric Gustafson, Engineering Technician at 497-3617 x  227  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Construction Plans

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(5/20/16) - This should be the last update for the season for the Paige Hill project! Our crews are nearly complete spreading loam and will be wrapping up our work today. All loamed areas will be seeded in the next couple days; if we don’t receive much rain in the next few weeks, any watering you can all do will help establish a nice grassy cover and prevent both weeds and roadside washouts in the future.  The wearing course paving for the lower section (2015 work) will be done later this summer, and the upper section (2016 work) will be finish paved next summer. This allows any possible settlement or seasonal heaving to show itself before the final coat of pavement is applied. If we’ve done our job well, the spring heave should be all but eliminated.  We will also be sending out post-construction surveys soon, your feedback would be much appreciated and help us with future projects.

Paige Hill 5 19 16 2

Paige Hill 5 19 16 8

(5/16/16) We are rounding into the home stretch for the 2016 portion of the project. Last week the incidental paving (berm, sluiceways, and driveway aprons) was finished, and the new roadway pavement was supported by shoulder gravel. This week, the focus will be adding material to ease any steep slopes that remain, and finishing with loam and seed to blend into existing lawns.  The paving crews will also return before too much longer to pave the top course of pavement in the lower section from last year (Elm to Winter Hill). We’ll give as much notice as possible for that work.

(5/9/2016) This week we will be continuing the tasks of driveway preparation and slope backfill that was started last week after paving. Structures have been raised and areas for berm and paved sluiceways also prepared. Slope and lawn restorations will continue for another few weeks until we wrap up.

The contractor is tentatively scheduled to arrive for drive apron paving Wednesday or Thursday, but that can change for the better or worse very quickly due to weather or cancellations elsewhere. We will make every attempt to coordinate with each residence to make sure no one gets stranded in their driveway or drives over fresh asphalt.

(4/29/16) Paving has started on Winter Hill Road this morning and the paving crew will move to Paige Hill next. They are installing a 2.5" layer of binder asphalt this year and crews will be back next year to install a 1.5" layer of finish asphalt. Driveway aprons will be prepped and paved by a separate paving crew at some point.  Temporary transitions will be in place until that work is done. DPW crews will also return to the project to install road shoulders, tune slopes and loam disturbed areas to restore grass growth for a final polish on the new road! 

IMG 20160429 081343218

IMG 20160429 081035058


(4/27/16) - Contractor is planning to begin fine grading tomorrow so that paving of the roadway can be completed by Friday afternoon.  Driveway aprons will be prepped and paved by a separate paving crew at some point after the road is paved.  Temporary transitions will be in place until that work is done.

The work location will be in constant flux during this process so getting in and out of the work zone will require extra time due to delays.  If possible, please try and avoid the work zone and use the detours whenever possible.  Traffic control will be present to get residents in the immediate area in and out of their homes.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this project.  As always, please contact us with any questions. 

Week 6 update (4/22/16) - The project moved back to the forefront again this week, now that we have some gravel crushed in the stockpiles. Continental Paving reclaimed the pavement surface and we have steadily been hauling gravel to shape and fill the road as necessary. Road fabric is also being installed under a layer of gravel to help add to the stability of the road bed.

The increased road elevation in some areas can look a little shocking at first, but keep in mind we still have plenty of slope and shoulder work to do which eases things out.

Weather permitting, we have tentative word that base paving will occur at the end of next week.

(4/19/16) Road reclamation has started on Paige Hill Road and Winter Hill Road. The existing road asphalt is crushed and recycled as a road base under the new road. The pictures below show the recycled road materal being graded and compacted in preparation for new gravel material to be installed and finish grading before paving. 

IMG 20160419 102625976

IMG 20160419 102711284

Week 5 update (4/18/16) - Another week spent wrapping up other town projects, but the waiting game is over. Our crushing contractor began work in the DPW gravel pit to turn large rocks into smaller ones. We expect to have material suitable for road use in the next day or two.

Things will also pick up again on site starting tomorrow. Continental Paving is scheduled to arrive and reclaim the pavement, which will require temporary detours throughout the day as the gravel is graded and compacted again. Keep your fingers crossed for only minor rain, and it won’t be too much longer before we start talking about the paving schedule.

Week 4 update (4/8/16) - The week 4 update is…that there isn’t really an update this week. We are still awaiting our gravel recycling contractor (tentatively scheduled to start crushing for us next week), so among other things we spent much of the week at Roy Park preparing the old tennis court area for the future playground. The next step will be reclaiming the existing pavement, but that date hasn't been set yet.

Week 3 update (4/5/16) - The focus last week involved the portion of Winter Hill Road that leads into the intersection with Paige Hill Road. Pavement issues here largely stem from poor subsurface drainage and materials. 266' of underdrain was installed, in addition to 107' of drainage pipe, a precast drain inlet, and mortar-and-stone headwalls for a cross pipe. General area cleanups, ditchline cleanout, and some tree clearing was also done.

Preparations are also being made for reclamation of the existing pavement, the limiting factor right now is our early season stockpile of gravel. The crushing/recycling contractor should arrive at the DPW gravel pit in the next 1-2 weeks, at which point we will grind the road and begin to add road fabric and the structural gravel layer.

IMG 20160331 120102036  IMG 20160329 101411332IMG 20160331 120038893

Week 2 update (3/25/16) - Good progress this week, despite starting off Monday by plowing snow. The sun started shining by late morning and our crews were back into construction by noontime. This week an additional 397 feet of drainage pipe and 320 feet of underdrain were installed. 6 precast structures and one headwall were installed, and old cross culverts were removed. The remaining areas of ledge were hammered out to support that work. Some shoulder cleanup and erosion prevention measures were taken due to the on and off rainy weather leading into the weekend.

Next week we will turn our attention to the the first few hundred feet of Winter Hill Road and also Paige Hill Road above Locust Hill Road, both of which are also in rough shape. We may have found ourselves ahead of the paving contractor by a few days, so the schedule for pavement reclaim is a bit fluid.

Week 1 update (3/18/16) - The week started off with minor tree and brush removal on Monday. Tuesday night was a neighborhood meeting (thank you to all who attended).  Our crews were able to install 472 ft of drainage pipe, and 640 feet of perforated underdrain, in addition to 3 precast concrete drainage structures.  We did run into ledge almost immediately, and had to hire a rock hammer for a couple days.

Next week we’ll try to wrap up the structures and underdrain, and start replacing the culvert crossings. Access should be maintained to all driveways with minimal interference.  Based on our observations and feedback from the neighborhood meeting, we are also going to reclaim a small portion of Winter Hill and a section of Paige Hill above Locust with the rest of the pavement in the project area.

IMG 20160318 105821092IMG 20160318 110845610

IMG 20160318 111318111