Reed St / Temple Ct Sewer Project

Updates to the Reed Street & Temple Court Sewer Project will be posted on this webpage.  If you have questions at any time, please contact Meghan Theriault, Town Engineer, at 497-3617 ext. 280 or cell 365-6160.  Thank you for your patience during this very busy construction season!


Sewer Plans - Last revised 6/20/12

10/2/13 -The Town is working with the contractor to close out this project.  All punchlist items (field related) are completed and we are awaiting submittals of as-builts and TV inspection.  Thank you for your patience during the construction season. 

8/28/13 - Unfortunately the contractor on this project came to Town back in July to raise structures for paving and has not been back since to complete the work.  We recieved an email today stating that the milling and paving will be occuring tomorrow.  Both Reed Street and Temple Court will be shut down.  Please see the Traffic Alert for more information.  Also, it is expected that punchlist items will be completed within the next week also.  If there are any issues that the Town is not aware of, please contact Meghan Theriault per above phone asap.  Thank you for your patience!

7/12/13 - The contractor is coming back next week to finish last years sewer project.  There will be raising of manhole covers, final paving and cleanup work occuring.  Both Reed and Temple maybe closed periodically due to the work, but will be reopened each night.  Please click here for Traffic Alert. 

9/12/12 - Both Reed and Temple Court have been based paved.  Driveways have been base coated also.  All top coat pavement will be done next year after it has a chance to go through a winter season.  Loaming and seeding will be completed this week.  Thank you again for your patience and cooperation during construction!

8/29/12 -Sewer services have all been installed.  Contractor has prepped for road gravels and will be installing those this week.  Both Reed and Temple Court will be prepped for pavement next Tuesday and pavement is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 6th. 

8/17/12 - Sewer main and manhole on Reed Street installed this week.  Inverts being installed currently.  If all goes as planned, next week sewer services will be installed on both streets and the following week the roads will be prepped and new gravels installed.   See updated traffic alert for detour information. 

8/10/12 - Continued with ledge removal on Reed Street.  Sewer main and manhole on North end of Temple Court was installed this week.  Sewer service installation started.  Installation of sewer main on Reed Street expected to start on Monday.  Please see traffic alerts for road closure information.  

8/3/12 - Project has been VERY slow going due to hard ledge that was encountered.  Today the run of sewer and manhole was installed on the South end of Temple Court.  With houses so close to the road, the contractor does not have a lot of options for removing ledge.  We appreciate your patience and apologize for the loud noises from drilling and hammering during construction.  Please call DPW with any questions. 

7/26/12 - Approximately 130 feet of sewer has been installed and one new manhole on Temple Court.  Contractor has been progressing with the sewer main in a north direction along Temple Court.  Hard ledge was encountered which has been very time consuming to remove.  A road closure notice has been put in effect as of today for safety reasons.

Project Starting 7/9/12 on Temple Court.  Please see traffic alert for more information on road closures during construction and suggested detour routes.