2014 Construction Projects

Below is information on this years road reclamation projects.  If you have any questions, please call Meghan Theriault, Town Engineer, at 497-3617 ext. 280. 

CLICK HERE for all current traffic alerts related to the projects listed below.



The Department of Public Works will be rebuilding Worthley Hill Road between #19 Worthley Hill and Lamson. Work will include drainage pipe, drainage structures, curbing, road reclamation, and paving. This website will be used to post updates as the project progresses. The road will be closed to all thru traffic, only local residents will be allowed in the work zone. All residents above the work zone must use the Merrill Road detour. Please see Traffic Advisories for more information and a Detour Map.

11/7/14 -Subcontractor arrived yesterday to complete berm work and this will hopefully be completed today.

10/7/14 - Sidewalk is paved, waiting on subcontractor for installation of cape cod berm.

9/23/14 - Base paving completed.  Curbing installation to occur this week hopefully.  Sidewalk  reconstruction to start soon. 

8/29/14 Drainage installation is complete on this section of Worthley Hill. Paving and sidewalk curbing installation to be scheduled soon. 

8/8/14 - Drainage work is ongoing at Worthley Hill and will remain for the next few weeks.

7/22/14 - Worthley Hill will be closed starting today for the next few weeks. The DPW crew will be mobilizing and start removing sidewalks for drainage installation.   


The Department of Public Works will be rebuilding Addison Road from Longbrook Drive to Shirley Hill Rd.  Work will include drainage pipe, drainage structures, curbing, road reclamation (grinding), and paving.  This website will be used to post regular updates as the project progresses.

2014 Update - The DPW crew will be finishing the lower section and then starting the upper section later this year.  No timeline on mobilization to Addison yet. 

Addison Road Construction Plans - Upper Section Phase 2

Addison Road Construction Plans - Lower Section Phase 3

11/7/14 - Lower section was completed (berm and finish work).  Upper section is being based paved today.  Next we will need driveways and curbing from our subcontractor and then cleanup work.

10/7/14 - Road has been based paved and driveways are almost completed.  Waiting on subcontractor for four more driveways to be paved and installation of bituminous curbing.  After that, curbing will be backed up and crew will be mobilizing to top section of Addison in hopes to get it base paved before winter.  Letters were sent to residents in lower section explaining this process and the reasons for moving to the upper section before completely finishing the lower section.

9/25/14 - Draiange is completed, road has been reclaimed and Town is now flipping material and installing fabric beneath reclaim layer.  Been running two crews at this locationin in an effort to get this lower section of Addison paved asap. 

8/29/14 - DPW crews will be working on the lower section of Addison Road to finish drainage and paving in the area of Longbrook and Zan Dr. Work is expected to last the next few weeks. The road will be closed from Longbrook Dr to Shirley Hill Rd, residents within the work zone will have access to their homes. See traffic advisories for more information.  

6/6/14 - Public Info meeting was held in May.  No timeline on mobilization yet. 

11/18/13 - Base course pavement was completed last week.  DPW continues to work on cleanup items on the lower section.

10/25/13 - Drainage has been installed from Zan down to Shirley Hill Road over the last few weeks.  Both granite box culverts in this section have also been capped with concrete to help protect and distribute the traffic load over them.  The utility companies have been on site over the last few days installing new poles and starting to transfer wires as needed to accomodate a section of road near a sharp curve that we are shifting slightly.  The DPW crew is currently working on flipping the reclaim material and installing fabric underneath it.    The plan is to get theis lower section paved before the temps start to get too cold so that we have the best finished product we can.  After that we will have to assess the forecast to see if we should continue this year or next year as paving in temps below 40 degrees is not recommended.

10/2/13 - Roadwork on Addison Road will begin this week.  The crew will begin on the lower section of the road near Shirley Hill.  Road work will begin with grubbing and ditching alongside Addison Road.

9/16/13 - Trees flagged to be removed are being trimmed and cut this week. 

9/5/13 - Door hangers placed on all abutters of road project.  Road work to being within the next few weeks.

8/28/13 - DPW crews will be mobilizing to Addison Road in the next few weeks after we wrap up construction on Pleasant Street.  Trees have been flagged for cutting and wood will be left for a min of 72 hours for property owners.  If you have any questions about wood or other concerns, please do not hesitate to call Alex Cannan, Assistant Town Engineer at 497-3617, ext 227. 

8/14/13  - The Town will be sending out notices and placing door hangers to all abutters of the project for the upcoming Public Info Meeting on August 20th, 2013 at 5:30 pm.  Please see link above for more information.



** Section under construction this year will be Pollard to Montelona. **

East Dunbarton Project Plans

John Neville Excavating (JNE)
Phone 497-4427

11/7/14 - EDR is now in final completion for this year, some small miscellaneous cleanup and punchlist items wil be completed before snow fall. Top asphalt will be installed in the spring. Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or conserns on the project please contact Eric Gustafson 497-3617 Ext.227. 

10/9/14 - We will be waiting on Brox, the paver for the town, to come and finish pave driveways. The original paving date scheduled for today was canceled by Brox. JNE will be on site for this week finishing miscellaneous cleanup and punchlist items. 

10/7/14 - JNE will be on site doing clean up work and prepairing driveways for paving scheduled for Thursday or Friday this week. The road will be closed to thru traffic during this time.

9/25/14 - Road paving occured yesterday. This is the base layer of pavement and a top coat layer will need to be installed next spring/summer after the road has gone trhough one winter season.  Town is working with the paving subcontractor (BROX) to schedule curbing and driveway paving.  JNE has demobilized currently.  After the paving work is completed, JNE will finish clean up work so that we can close out the project.  Road should be open to through traffic at this point.   

9/17/14 - Road grading will be taking place the rest of this week and base paving is scheduled for Tuesday (9/23). Resident driveway tie ins will then be blended and paved, areas loam and seeded and other various clean up task to make the road function and look like new.

8/29/14 - We have crossed a large mile marker on East Dunbarton Road as all required drainage pipe on East Dunbarton Road has been installed by JNE. Road reclamation grinding is scheduled to take place Wednesday or Thursday next week. 

8/8/14 - JNE is now working on East Dunbarton Road between Lisa Dr and Jenny Ln. As anticipated  heavy ledge has been encournted slowing down the project slightly. A rock hammer is being used to excavate the ledge as needed to keep the project moveing.

7/31/14 - JNE is makeing progress on East Dunbarton Road with 8 drainage structures and 1,000 LF of pipe has been installed. On a negitive note the site has been subject to vandalism and we apploigise for any confusion with detour signs around the site. JNE is working with Goffstown Police on this matter.

7/22/14 - JNE is installing drainage structure and pipe on Pollard Road then working their way up East Dunbarton Road from Pollard Road.  

7/16/14 - East Dunbarton will be closed starting 7/17/14. All thru traffic must use the detour from Black Brook to Grady Hill Road. Only local residents or businesses needing access in/out of the work zone will be allowed. The road will reopen to thru traffic each night. See traffic alerts for more info and a detour map.

The contractor will be starting with the installation of drainage structures and pipe.

7/8/14 - The Department of Public Works will be rebuilding East Dunbarton Road between Montelona Road and Pollard Road.  Work will begin July 9, 2014.  Large trees have been flagged for cutting this week.  There will also be smaller trees, brush and limbing done.  Tree crew will come in this week to start cutting.  If you want any wood from the trees in front of your property, please contact us.  Wood is typically left for 2-3 days and then picked up by tree crew. 

6/6/14 - Public Meeting was held in May.  JNE plans to mobilize after school early summer after school is out.   

11/25/13 - Plans and specs are currently out to bid. Bid Opening date is set for Thursday, December 12 at 10am.  This project is scheduled for Spring 2014 construction.

10/25/13 - Easement letters went out to residents last week and plans are nearly finished.  Currently working on the bid specifications and quantities.  Ledge probles will be completed next week to determine a better quantitity for the bid.  It was decided that the public hearing should wait until next spring when it gets closer to construction start.  Notices for this meeting will got out next spring. 

10/2/13 - We are finalizing plans and will have a public meeting in the next month to review plans with residents and obtain feedback.  Letters will also go out for drainage easements which are needed along this project.

4/9/14 - This project went out to bid last fall and was awarded to John Neville Excavating.  Still trying to get all easements signed before starting construction.  Anticipating summer construction currently. 


Phase 1 - From South Mast Road to Bog Road - Completed 2013

** Phase 2 - From Hermsdorf to Urban Compact Line (2014 DPW Project) ** 

Phase 3 - Hermsdorf to Bog Road - possibly 2015.

NHDOT to pave a shim layer on New Boston Road up to Urban Compact Line - see notice here. 

New Boston Project Plans - Phase 2 and 3

8/8/14 - This phase of New Boston Road is now complete thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or conserns on the project please contact us. 

6/17/14 - We have two crews out on New Boston Road trying to finish up drainage this week.  We will then be reclaiming the road on Tuesday and paving next Friday if all the stars align.  After paving, there will be shouldering, driveway tie ins and cleanup work to do so just because the road is black we won't be done yet.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. 

6/12/14 - Mobilized to project this week and started drainage installation.  Expect approx 2 weeks of drainage and then reclamation (grinding of road) will be scheduled. 

6/6/14 - Public Info Meeting was held in May.  Green door hangers were placed on properties within or very close to the work zone.  DPW crews expect to mobilize very soon.  A traffic alert will be sent out later today via NIXLE. 

4/9/14 - Preliminary plans were sent to the BOS for approval.  Those plans will be uploaded here in the next week.  A public informational meeting will be set in the coming weeks and posted on here as well.  This will allow residents a chance to review the plans and any last minute edits can be made prior to start of construction.  This work will be completed by the Goffstown DPW.  No timeline on start of construction yet.