Paige Hill Road - Elm to Winter Hill

The lower half of Paige Hill Road from Elm Street to Winter Hill will be reconstructed this year.  Work included in this project will be reclamation of the roadway (grinding it up), drainage pipe and structures and two layers of pavement.  All work will be completed by the Department of Public Works and our subcontractors.  Contact; Eric Gustafson, Engineering Technician, at (603) 497-3617 ext.227 with any questions. Keep checking this page for construction updates.

PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING: A public information meeting will be held for the Paige Hill Road Project. The meeting will be held at Goffstown Town Hall 16 Main St. Goffstown, NH in Room 106 on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 7:00 p.m..

Proposed Construction Plans (Click on sheet link below to view construction plans)

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5/27/15 - The Goffstown Department of Public Works announces construction work related to the Paige Hill Road Reclamation Project, starting Wednesday, May 27th. The work zone will be between Elm Street and Winter Hill Road and will be closed to all thru traffic. Only local residents or businesses needing access in/out of the work zone will be allowed. Delays should be expected 7am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. All thru traffic must use the detour from Elm Street to Locust Hill Road. The road will reopen to thru traffic each night.

6/5/15 - The following was installed this week:  47 LF of 12" drain, 37LF of 18" drain, two (2) headwalls, 440 LF of 6" underdrain pipe, and 200 LF of ditchline.  Ledge was encountered at STA 11+50 - 13+40.  Hammer arrived late Thursday morning and also worked on Friday.  Hammer will be back Monday to finish removal of ledge.  Roadway was swept each night, check dams touched up and calcium on all trenches for the weekend.  Numerous layers of pavement found when installing cross culverts.  

  pipe work

6/12/15 - Continued with hammering ledge under the road and ditchline at STA. 10+50— STA. 13+50.  Installed another 100’ of 6” underdrain pipe, 50’ of 18” HDPE pipe at a driveway and 60’ of 15” HDPE pipe at the Winter Hill intersection.  Retuned 200’ of ditchline in front of #61 Paige Hill.  Installed and replaced check dams for erosion control purposes.

7/13/15 -
Drainage work has been completed and the road is being reclaimed today.  Grading will occur tomorrow and paving on Wednesday (weather permitting).  After that there will be clean up work - loam, seed, shouldering, and driveways tie-ins.  Thank you for your patience as this project has progressed.   

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IMG 20150724 090355449

7/24/15 - At this point the road has been paved and shouldered. Driveways are being tied in and swales are being completed with stone or loam and seed. Road stuctures have been raised and made flush with the road surface to accept drainage.  Next week curbing will be installed and more driveways will joined to the road.

 Paige Hill2Paige Hill3









Paige Hill1

8/4/15 - The construction on Paige Hill has been completed! Curbing has all been installed and driveways tied in. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the new road!