Rt. 13 - Phase 3 and Bridge Work

** Majority of this project was completed in 2015.  The second pedestrian bridge on Pleasant Street over Whittle Brook was not installed last year due to a utility pole conflict.  Now that has been removed the pedestrian bridge can be installed.  This work will start June 21st with a FULL BRIDGE CLOSURE on June 27th.  Updates to this portion of the project will be added to the bottom of this post. **


New Boston Road between Bog Road and Hermsdorf will be reconstructed this year.  Plans are available to view online - click here.  We are currently in Phase 3.  Phase 1 was Pleasant Street from Main St to Bog Road and Phase 2 was the outer end of New Boston Road.  Work included in Phase 3 of this project will be reclamation of the roadway (grinding it up), drainage pipe and structures, water main and services, curbing, sidewalk and two layers of pavement.  Water main work will be conducted by the Goffstown Village Water Precinct and their contractor.  All other work will be completed by the Department of Public Works and our subcontractors. 

The Pedestrian Bridges over both Whittle Brook and Bog Brook will also be replaced as part of this project.  Please click here for plans.  Lastly there will be deck repairs, membrane installation and new guardrail installed on the Bog Brook Bridge.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Meghan Theriault, Town Engineer at 497-3617 x 280 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thank you for your patience.

Whittle Brook Bridge - Pleasant Street Bog Brook Ped Bridge - 2015

New Boston Rd precon 2015


Latest updates will be directly below this line.  Scroll down for older postings as the project progresses.


5/18/15 - Water main work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday May 26th.  All affected properties will be contacted by the Goffstown Village Water Precinct.  Temporary water mains will be run during construction.  Please contact Lee Minnich with any questions on water main work at 486-8621.  The Town anticipates starting road and drainage construction work the week after July 4th. 

7/13/15 - Water main work was completed several weeks ago and the DPW should be mobilizing tomorrow, Tuesday - July 14th to begin work.  The focus this week will be on the New Boston Road Pedestrian Bridge over Bog Brook which is scheduled for replacement.  The Town will start removing the old pedestrian bridge and prepping for the installation of the new concrete abutments. 

7/24/15 - The old pedestrian bridge and abutments over Bog Brook have been removed.  The existing bridge wingwalls also needed to be cut to make room for the new precast ped bridge that will be installed in this location.  Crew also started installing a gabion basket retaining wall per the plans in front of the old wingwall.

 Cut wingwalls 1                                           Cut wingwalls 3


8/6/15 -  

TRAFFIC ALERT: The Goffstown Department of Public Works announces the closure of New Boston Rd for bridge renovations and road work starting Tuesday, August 11th at 7 am. All traffic will be detoured using Parker Road in New Boston. Only local residents will be allowed in the work zone and all businesses will be open during construction. The road should remain closed for a few weeks and will be reopened prior to the first day of school for Goffstown School District, weather permitting.

There will be no thru traffic on New Boston Rd between Bog Rd and Hermsdorf Ave during this time period. All businesses will be open.

Click the link below for a map of the detour route.


8/7/15 - Three catch basins and 220' of 12" HDPE pipe installed. Drainage from Hermsdorf Ave was tied in. Boulder wall/rip rap placed at bridge slopes, and area was prepped for crane.


8/11/15 - Road closure prep; installing detour signs, jersey barriers, etc. Prepared pedestrian bridge for form work, set bridge decking using large crane. Asphalt was stripped from the road bridge and damaged pieces were jackhammered away.



8/20/15 - Bridge deck work continues. Reclaiming now. Fine grading and base paving of most of the road possibly by Friday. Bridge paving next week if not done in time. All drainage work (below grade) is complete. We'll raise structures after paving. Curbing *tentatively* first week in September.

 New Boston1 


New Boston2















8/26/15 - Last week the deck rehabilitation work was completed and the deck was covered in a membrane and then paved over yesterday.   Bridge is now open for thru traffic.  Structures are being rasied to grade today now that pavement of the travel lanes is completed.  this is an improtant task so that the new road can take on water runoff and the curbing cannot be installed until all structures are raised up.  Some of the driveways are being prepped for pavement but driveway work will continue into next week.  DPW crews have also been doing general site cleanup and removal of an unecessary traffic control devices.  Meeting with numerous subcontractors for work involving bridge parapet walls, fencing, guardrail and stone walls. 


20150821 080752 NBR - Bridge1
20150821 080431

NBR - Bridge3

8/31/15 - This week DPW crews will be grubbing out the new sidewalk, cleaning up edges, prepping and paving all driveways on the north side of the road (opposite of the new sidewalk).  Driveways on the sidewalk side will be completed at the same time as paving the nwe sidewalk.  Landscaping on the sidewalk side will also happen after the sidewalk is paved.  Once our other crew has completed all drainage over at another project (Glenridge Sewer Project) they will remobilize to this site and work on the second pedestrian bridge over Whittle Brook. 

9/8/15 - Sidewalk is grubbed out and the Town is waiting on the curbing subcontractor to install granite curbing.  Once that is completed, DPW will be back on site to install the crushed gravel for the sidewalks and then they can be paved.  Not sure when DPW will be mobilizing down to the second pedestrain bridge as there are delays with the utility company getting the existing pole moved out of our way.

9/18/15 - Curbing was installed by Tri-State Curb last week and DPW crews backed up the curbing with concrete to lock it in place.  After that, a layer of crushed gravel will be installed and graded in preparation for paving.

 NBR - 21sept 1     NBR - 21sept 2     NBR - 21sept 3

NBR - 21sept 4

9/28/15 - Last week the DPW completed crushed gravel of the new sidewalks and they were based paved on Friday.  Today they will be top coated and then the DPW can complete any final cleanup items. 

NBR SW Pave 23 Sept 1  NBR 28 sept

NBR SW Pave 23 Sept 2

10/1/15 - Bell Road survived the recent storm, was fine graded today and will be paved tomorrow.  Please expect delays.  Thank you!

Bell Road base paved 2

NBR and Bell 10 2 15 7

NBR and Bell 10 2 15 5

10/5/15 - Bell Road was paved last week and the masons are making great progress on the new stone veneer for the Bog Brook Bridge over New Boston Road. 

NBR 20oct15 2

NBR 20oct15 1

10/27/15 - All of New Boston Road and Pleasant Street from the intersection at Main Street up to the urban compact line at 223 New Boston Road will be top coated today.  Over the last two weeks the masons finished up their work on the bridge veneer and the fencing subcontractor also came in to install the chain link fencing.  


NBR Pleasant paving Oct 27 2015 5 NBR Pleasant paving Oct 27 2015 1
NBR Bridge fencing and curb closeups Oct 22 2015 4 NBR Bridge fencing and curb closeups Oct 22 2015 3

12/4/15 - Guardrail was installed last week on site and now the road is complete for the winter.  DPW will be back in the spring to finish any outstanding punchlist items.  As always, please call with any questions or concerns.  Thank you all for your patience this construction season!

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6/17/16 - Work on the second pedestrain bridge will begin on Tuesday June 21st and is expected to last several weeks.  A traffic alert has been issued for the section Pleasant Street from Bog to South Mast Road.  Traffic will be down to alternating two-way, so delays should be expected.  An optional detour route on West Union Street will be available as well.  Also a seperate traffic alert will be issued next week for the one-day bridge closure on Monday June 27th. 

Whittle - pre-con 3  Whittle - pre-con 2

6/22/16 - The old pedestrian bridge has been removed, abutments are installed and site is ready for installation of large precast plank scheduled for Monday June 27th.  There will be a full bridge/road closure on Monday as a crane is needed to install the large precast concrete sidewalk plank.  Click here for bridge closure traffic alert.

Pleasant St ped bridge 21Jun16 12

Whittle - 21june16 5  Whittle - 21june16 2

Pleasant ped bridge 23Jun16 1  Pleasant ped bridge 22Jun16 4

Pleasant ped bridge 22Jun16 7

7/1/16 - Set the precast concrete pedestrian bridge on Monday with a crane.  Everythng lined up great!  Paved in the sidewalk transitions as well this week.  Fencing should be next week along with masonry repairs to existing bridge headwall.  

ped bridge set 1  ped bridge set 8

Pleasant st ped bridge set 27 Jun 16 1

7/7/16 - Fencing was installed today on the predestrain bridge for safety.  Project should be wrapped up in another week or so. 

Pleasant St bridge fencing 6 Jul 16 1

Pleasant St bridge fencing 6 Jul 16 3