Glenridge Neighborhood Projects

** 2016 UPDATE - There will be a lot of construction activity this summer/fall in the Glenridge neighborhood by several different utility companies/contractors.
Once a schedule is available, it will be posted on here.
Work remaining includes:

  • 300 LF of sewer by Park Construction - Working for the Goffstown Sewer Commission (PROJECT PLANS)
  • Replacement of a private water line on Glenridge neighborhood - Manchester Water Works
  • Drainage and complete road reconstruction on the remainder of Glenridge, Maplewood and West Side Ave - Goffstown Department of Public Works (PROJECT PLANS)

Check back for updates below once the project starts. **


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5/8/17 - Just a quick note to let you know that we have finished with our loaming, seeding and prep of driveways.  We are now waiting for our paving subcontractor, who is behind schedule due to the rain, to give us a pave date.  With rain in the forecast, we understand that additional cleanup may be needed if significantly damaged by the weather.  Please let us know if you have any questions and we thank you for your patience during this project.  

4/20/17 - DPW plans to mobilize to this project on Monday and start working on final cleanup items, including prepping of driveways that were not completed last year, and other final landscaping as well.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you!    

11/25/16 - As a reminder, the pavement course that was installed last week is base course of pavement only; the final wearing course will be paved next spring/summer (including the overlay on Westside Ave).

Before the holiday the crew was able to get the drainage structures raised and paved in, and the sewer contractor did the same with the sewer manholes. The drainage seemed to perform fine with what little rain we’ve had, but the benefit will be seen once the asphalt curb/berm is installed to direct all the water to the inlets.  Next week we will focus on driveway apron preparations and paving, as well as slope and lawn restorations. We’ll do as much as we can before Continental Paving can return for the curbing, which then will allow us to backfill and blend in to all of the lawns.

Also, you may have noticed, Murphy struck again and there was a water line break on Elmwood Ave on Wednesday that was unrelated to the project. Manchester Water Works responded and made temporary pavement repairs. We will monitor the area over the winter and work with MWW for final repairs next summer. The pavement is less than a year old, and therefore is under a moratorium which requires a more comprehensive repair to the damaged section.


Glenridge Nov 21 2016 fine graded 2 Glenridge Nov 21 2016 paving 5


11/18/16 - Well...we were *this* close to having the streets paved this week, but didn't quite make it with College Road taking most of the day today. The roadways have been finish graded and prepared for asphalt, and Continental Paving is set to be back next week (hopefully Monday) to place the base pavement. After that happens, we will be following behind to raise the drainage structures until they are flush with the pavement. Driveways will be prepared for apron paving at a later date. Shoulders will be cleaned up in preparation for the asphalt curbing. Once the curbing is installed, it can be backfilled and finish landscaping can begin.

11/4/16 - Things are certainly looking a little different in the neighborhood, with the removal of a few large trees and some general cleanup beginning this week! A major milestone was reached yesterday, as the drainage work is now complete. Now we can shift to preparations for reclaim of the remaining pavement. Offset stakes are laid out to help maintain the location of the center line of the road, drainage structures, and other utility lines.

It looks as though Continental Paving should have their reclaim machine in town next week to pulverize the rest of the pavement on Maplewood and upper Glenridge. After that, we can begin adding select gravel and grading the roadway base for new pavement. Things can happen pretty quickly at this stage in the project, and I'll keep you posted when we have a tentative paving date.
After the base paving is done, we'll have a couple weeks left to raise drainage structures, pave driveway aprons and asphalt berm, and finish shoulder backfill, slope work, and final loam/seed.
Finally, thank you for your continued patience with the work zone, a project with so many different utilities involved can certainly seem to last forever.

Glenridge Oct 25 2016 1 Glenridge - 10 25 2016

10/17/16 - Last week began the DPW portion of the project, and we made good progress in the holiday-shortened week. After spending some time clearing trees near the drainage outfall, our crew was able to install nearly 300’ of drain pipe and 4 precast concrete structures. We have not encountered any ledge, and only found one each of abandoned water line and drain pipe…which is pretty good for a project in this area.
The crew will continue replacing drain lines and structures this week, and we should be at or beyond the Maplewood intersection by Friday.

It sounds like the tree contractor will return in the near future, they will start back on the College Road project before moving to Glenridge. Mears/Liberty Utilities has one service connection left tomorrow and patching of the trench on St. Anselm Drive before they are finished in the neighborhood.

Glenridge 10 17 16 1 Glenridge 10 17 16 4
Glenridge Ave Oct 18 2016 4 Glenridge 10 12 16 4


10/7/16 - Mears Construction has moved on this week to begin connection of the house service lines from the gas main. They have indicated that they might be working on Saturday to connect a few more houses. Their expectation is that they will be sufficiently uphill to allow DPW to begin work on the drainage next week. I have no updates as of yet on the schedule for the tree work.

9/30/16 - Another week, another contractor making headway in your neighborhood!
Liberty Utilities and their contractor (Mears) followed hot on the heels of the sewer contractor. They have nearly completed installation and testing of the new gas main, and will begin running service lines to the houses early next week. Mears will begin at the bottom of Glenridge and work back up to St. Anselm Drive. Once they have moved at least a few hundred feet up the street, DPW will mobilize one of our crews from College Road and begin replacing the drainage system at the bottom of the hill. Eversource was not able to include Glenridge in their line clearing efforts, so a private tree service will be in to assist sometime in the next couple weeks. I’ll keep you posted with any updates.

We will have a couple weeks of drainage work, after which the pavement on Maplewood will be reclaimed and preparations for the new pavement will be made. All shoulder, curbing, lawn, and driveway restorations will be done by DPW after paving as the project winds down. Keep your fingers crossed that the ledge encountered during the sewer work was an anomaly…

Glenridge Liberty Sep 21 2016 1 Glenridge Liberty Sep 22 2016 1

9/14/16 - Manchester Water Works finished up their work yesterday and today Park Construction mobilized to start work on the 300 LF section of sewer on Glenridge.
Park expects to be there this week and possibly next.
DPW met with Liberty Utilities and their contractor (Mears) yesterday as well and they will be mobilizing as early as this Friday (9/16) and hope to start gas installation on Monday (9/19).
They will begin at the St. Anselm intersection and cross over to Maplewood Ave first and then move over to Glenridge.
Liberty Utilities expect their work to take at least 2 weeks as well (ending around 9/23).
That means DPW can mobilize at the end of September or first week of October to start draiange installation.
We will keep you posted of any changes to the schedule as we are made aware of them.
Thank you for your continued patience.

9/9/16 - The water line replacement is complete, and the next phase will include sewer line replacement and gas main installation. Park Construction, the contractor for the Sewer Commission, ran into some ledge this week on College Road (perhaps you heard…) and it’s looking like they will be a couple extra days on that job. This will push the start date for the DPW off until probably 9/20.

I am meeting with representatives from Liberty Utilities and Park Construction on Tuesday morning to discuss their plans, and I will be sure to update you when I get more information.

9/2/16 - Manchester Water Works is making good progress with the new water main. The main line installation is complete and tested, and they began swapping over house services to the new public main this morning. It looks as though they will be complete by the middle of next week. Following hot on their heels will be Park Construction to begin work on the sewer main replacement. Sewer anticipates 3-5 days for that project. Also beginning soon will be the installation of the new gas main by Liberty Utilites, they may even begin early on Maplewood if they can avoid the sewer work on Glenridge.

Eversource was also asked to survey a few of the trees that are either at the road edge, unhealthy, or leaning over the road. Hopefully they will be able to assist with the removal and save some of our road budget.

The town portion of the work is tentatively set to begin on Tuesday, September 13th, which would place the completion date at roughly the end of October. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Glenridge - August 30 2016 Glenridge Sep 2 2016 MWW 1


8/24/16 -
As you’ve noticed, things have kicked off with the water main work this week, but I don’t have too much to report yet. Some ledge has been encountered after the first few hundred feet, hopefully it’s the only section they find. Their crew will be moving up the hill to the intersection of Maplewood to allow the rock hammer some time to chip away near #23. We’ve also adjusted our drainage locations slightly to allow them a bit more room to work and reduce the amount of hammering necessary for the water line. Things are also looking good for the low/no cost gas main expansion effort by Liberty Utilities. If you haven’t already been in touch with Mark Stevens about connecting, I encourage you to do so at

  • I also have a request for curbside collection to help things go more smoothly during the next few weeks starting tomorrow please remember to have all barrels out at the curb by 7am so we can have our trucks go through before the construction begins in the morning.

    If you have any questions about the project, don't hesitate to ask!

    8/22/16- As previsouly scheduled Manchester Water Works is the first to start work on this section of the project. Crews are currently working on installing a new water main followed by connecting serivces to each house. If you have any questions regarding the water main work, you can contact Guy Chabot with Manchester Water Works at (603) 792-2801.

    8/16/16 -Thank you again for those who attended the meeting last night, it was great to see a large turnout. We will keep the lines of communication open with email updates in the lead-up and throughout the project. If you have any questions regarding the water main work which begins Thursday, you can also contact Guy Chabot with Manchester Water Works at (603) 792-2801.

    The rough timeline for the project is:

    1)Manchester Water Works to begin this Thursday, and the work will last around 3 weeks.

    2)The sewer department contractor (Park Construction) will then be in the area for 3-5 days to replace one section of sewer pipe on Glenridge Ave.

    3)The town portion will then begin in mid-late September, and I expect to be base paved and substantially complete by the end of October. I will certainly keep you posted with any changes as they come up.

8/15/16 - Goffstown DPW will be kicking off this years Glenridge neighborhood project with a meeting tonight, August 15th 6pm at the intersection of Glenridge and Elmwood. This is an informational meeting for DPW to answer all of your questions about this project. Keep an eye on this page during the project for updates and project photos. You can also like the public work facebook page at
for photos and updates or subscripe to this projects email lists by contacting Adam Jacobs via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Phase 5 Glenridge Neighborhood Plans

The Manchester Water Works is scheduled to be onsite starting Thursday, August 18th to start the installation of a new waterline. The sewer department should follow them for some sewer repairs and soon after DPW for drainage work and paving.
We thank you for your patience!

7/26/16 - Top coat of asphalt was installed on the sections of road that were base coated last year.
Working on setting up a pre-construction meeting with all parties involved in upcoming 2016 work in the neighborhood.
hoping to develop a schedule that we can then share with residents to let them know what to expect.



2015 Work - The Goffstown Sewer Commission will be starting the Glenridge Sewer Project the week of May 18th.
Please see below for weekly updates.
Questions can be directed to Mike Yergeau, Engineering Technician at 497-3617 x 240.
Project Plans are available online - click here.
The contractor on this project is North East Earth Mechanics.

glenridge - 2015

elmwood - 2015

5/26/15 - Contractor has installed 56 LF of 15" sewer main on Elmwood Ave.
Ledge has been encountered in the existing trench and was removed with a hammer which is a slow process and causes significant delays.
One house service was installed last week as well.
By pass pumping has been set-up to maintain sewer flows in this area during construction.

5/29/15 -Installed a temporary service to 5 Elmwood and 31 CY of ledge was removed.

6/15/15 - Contractor installed 38 LF of 15" sewer, 21 LF of 6" service pipe and removed 13+CY ledge.
Ledge and large boulders underneath pavement continue to slow progress.

IMG 1518

IMG 1159

6/22/15 - Installed 56 LF of 15" sewer pipe, and 15 LF of 6" sewer service pipe. Removed 17.78 cubic yards of ledge.

6/29/15 - The intersection of Elmwood Ave and Glenridge Ave is closed for construction. 112 LF of 15" sewer pipe as well as 20 LF of 6" sewer service pipe were installed. 17.10 cubic yards of ledge were removed and the by-pass pumping was reconfigured.

IMG 1553

Ledge Hammer 6-16-15

7/2/15 - Installed 55 LF of 15" sewer pipe. Completed the installation of 209 LF of 15" sewer main to a newly installed sanitary manhole. Glenridge Ave was reopened for one lane travel for the weekend. Eversource replaced the power cable from pole to teh building located on 17 Glenridge Ave.

7/15/15 - Installed 46 LF of 15" sewer pipe, and 27 LF of 6" sewer service pipe. Removed 11.26 cubic yards of ledge.

7/20/15 - Installed 74 LF of 15" sewer pipe, and 25.5 LF of 6" sewer service pipe. Removed 19.28 cubic yards of ledge.

IMG 1605

8/7/15 - Installed 257 LF of 15" sewer pipe, and 71 LF of 6" sewer service pipe. Removed 73.82 cubic yards of ledge. Installed high performance cold patch and completed point repair located on St. Anselm's Drive.

IMG 1606

8/14/15 - Sewer pipe work is completed and contractor started to box out the road and install gravel layers.
Sewer testing is in progress as well.

8/21/15 - DPW crews mobilized to this site to install drainage this afternoon and were able to install one catch basin and 40 feet of 12" pipe.
Short day, but we'll be back next week.

Glenridge 21aug15

8/24/15 - Contractor contined with road construction and sewer testing.
Brick inverts are being installed inside the new sewer manholes.

IMG 1613 2

8/28/15 - Contractor continued with boxing out the road, installing gravels and brick inverts in manholes.

9/8/15 - Last week the contractor continued with installation of sewer manhole brick inverts, compaction testing of gravels, fine grading and paving of Elmwood and Gelenridge.
Work still remaining is paving on St. Anselm, tying in residential driveways, gravel shoulders, manhole testing and additional brick invert work.

IMG 1618

9/11/15 - Adjusted manholes to grade as needed and installed base course of pavement on St. Anselm Drive.
Also paved in driveways with base course on Glenridge and Elmwood.
Performed internal tv inspection of some of the new sewer pipe.

9/17/15 - Loamed and seeded where cleanouts were installed.
Contractor has demobilized from site and will be back in the Spring 2016 to complete the top course of pavement, additional loaming and seeding as needed and any other final punchlist items.
We thank you for your patience and will see you next spring.