Black Brook Road - Phase 2

Construction will start on Black Brook Road between Cinnamon Drive and Tirrell Hill Road this fall.  All work will be completed by the Department of Public Works and our subcontractors.  A public informational meeting was held at the Tirrell Hill Fire Station on Thursday 9/17/15 for local residents within the work zone.  The DPW Director, Adam Jacobs, went over the preliminary plans with residents and answered questions.  

DPW suggests using the attached detour route during construction as delays should be expected.  Residents within the work zone will be allowed in and out as needed but should also expect delays. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact Meghan Theriault, Town Engineer at 497-3617 x 280 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you would like to be on the email distribution list for this project please contact Adam Jacobs, DPW Director via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Updates are posted here and on the Goffstown DPW Facebook Page as well. 

Black Brook 1


9/18/15 - Tree work occured over the last two weeks and crews are expected to mobilize later this month to begin drainage. 

BBR-tree 2

9/22/15 - Tree work will be finishing up this week and then DPW staff will be on site removing stumps.  Traffic will be down to one lane in sections with flaggers.  Please use caution in the work zone.  We plan to establish a detour route through Cinnamon Drive starting next week.  The section of Black Brook from Cinnamon to Tirrell Hill Road will be marked as local traffic only and residents in this section will be able to get to and from their homes.  Moving thru traffic off this road and onto a detoured route will allow for more efficient construction.

9/28/15 - Last week the crew started Thursday late morning after leaving the New boston Road site.  They installed approx. 155 LF of pipe and unfortunately encoutered ledge.  A subcontractor was hired to hammer out the ledge on Friday.  This week more drainage installation and tree work will occur.  Also please note the DETOUR will be effective tomorrow TUES 9/28/15 until further notice.  Please click here for more information.

BBR - drain aug24

10/5/15 - Contract tree work is 100% complete.  DPW crews will remove stumps where feasible.  Roadside swales (drainage ditches) are being cleaned out.  There were some minor ledge outcrops that needed to be hammered for proper drainage installation.  Several road and driveway culverts were replaced last week as well along with the installation of some 6" underdrain pipe.  DPW crew will continue with drainage and swale installation, stump removal and coordination with Continental Paving for reclamation of the first section so that gravels can be added and graded out in the low areas. 

Black Brook crossings 10 2 15 7  Black Brook ditch and stump work 10 1 15 4

10/9/15 -  Road side swales and stump work is approximately 30% complete, all larger cross culvert pipes needing replacement are done and the 6" underdrain pipe work continues (currently 50% completion). 

10/16/15 - The first half of the section under construction has been reclaimed as well as a portion of the Tirrell Hill intersection which will allow for proper realignment to begin.  The underdrain pipe work continues as well as the swale installation.  Some culvert headwalls have been constructed by our crew.  Road fabric and gravel material is being installed to raise the road in the lower sections.  This will help to lift the road out of the seasonal high water table which causes damage in the spring as the water rises under the pavement creating an unstabel surface that is very prone to damage and cracking. 

Black Brook 10 13 15 10  Black Brook fabric and fill 7

10/20/15 - Continental paving will be in tomorrow to reclaim the second half of the road.  Town crew has been placing fabric on the subgrade and hauling in fill as quickly as possible to get the road raised and ready for paving in the next week or two.  Driveway connections will be temporarily matched in due to the new road elevation.  After the roadway is based pave, DPW crews will be back to finalize driveway transistions and get them paved before winter.  Realignment work will continue  at the Tirrell Hill Road intersection and any final drainage will be installed. 

Black Brook finish grading Oct 27 2015 12  Black Brook at Tirrell realignment and fill 9

10/27/15 - Base paving of the road will begin tomorrow after 8AM. Temp ramps may be made any any steep driveway connections until such time that the Town crew can come back and properly grade and pave these driveway transistions.  Also the Town will try to prep the shoulders if time allows behind the paving operation in anticipation for the rain coming tonight and tomorrow.  Thank you all again for your continued patience as we reconstruction Black Brook Road!

11/6/15 - Last week the road was based paved and this week the DPW crews have been installing gravel shoulders, grading in more ditchlines, working on driveway tie-ins and resetting mailboxes.  Fairpoint Communications should be finished with the replacement of the manhole at the Tirrell Hill intersection by the end of today.  Next week the crew will continue with installing gravel shoulders, clearing ditchlines (including stump removal), building headwalls, filling side slopes where shoulders are currently steep, and loaming disturbed areas.  We also hope the striping contractor will be able to fit in Black Brook Road for centerline striping as well. 

BBR 6nov15 1-  BBR 6nov15 2-

BBR 6nov15 3-  BBR 6nov15 4-

BBR 6nov15 5-  BBR 6nov15 6-

11/13/15 - Some progress was made on BBR this week, despite our crews trying to wrap up several different jobs around town.  The gravel shoulder installation was completed, but there will still be fill work needed to properly back up these shoulders in many places.  Ditch line tuning continued as well.  The Fairpoint manhole was finished and our crews installed fill around that entire corner and started loaming the side slopes.  The centerline was also striped on BBR this week.  Next week we plan work on ditchlines, sloping, headwalls, patching in pavement at the Fire Station, and installing new street signage. 

BBR - 13nov15 1  BBR - 13nov15 3

BBR - 13nov15 2  BBR - 13nov15 4

12/4/15 - Town crews are continuing to work on Black Brook Road while the weather cooperates.  Signs have been replaced, side slope work is continuing, loaming and seeing of finished graded areas, building stone headwalls and top coating driveways (by end of next week hopefully).  Any work that is not completed, will be finished up in the spring when we return to begin the next phase of Black Brook Road from Tirrell Hill to East Dunbarton Road.  We are also evaluating a few sections of guardrail along the river, but that may not be installed until next year after the top course of pavement.  thank you for your continued patience and please call with any questions or concerns. 

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