College Road Reconstruction


The Goffstown Sewer Commission announces sewer construction on College Road and
several side streets including Laurel St, Pinehill Ave and Warren Ave, starting Wednesday, August 31st
and extending until the end of September. Partial sections of each road will be closed to thru traffic
and side streets as work progresses. Only local residents or businesses needing access in/out of the
work zone will be allowed. All thru traffic must follow detour signage. Delays should be expected
6:30am - 4:30pm, Monday – Friday. Roads will be reopened to thru traffic each night.


The Department of Public Works will also be mobilzing mid September to start complete reconstruction of the road.
Scope of work will include all new drainage pipe and structures, sidewalk replacement and extension to St. Anselm's, reclamation of pavement and base paving this year. A separate traffic alert will be issued for this work as it gets closer.





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8/27/17 - We happy to report that the top coat of paving has been completed!  We apologize for the delays in getting the project completed and appreciate the patience and support of all the residents and businesses in the area during construction.  We hope that you are happy with the end product and the new sidewalk!  I believe the only remaining items are a couple of ADA panels near Pizza Market that had to be corrected and centerline striping up the road, which will occur when the contractors are in Town next.  This will be my last update since there are no other major work items.  






8/21/17 - The curbing contractor finished with curb resets on Wed and the contracted paving hand crew completed driveways, berms up side streets, and bump outs behind mailboxes.  The concrete contractor will be back to pour and set ADA ramps at Pizza Market which have been prepped in advance (date TBD).  There was some question as to why the driveways were extended out into the road slightly.  This was done on purpose so that a clean cut edge could be trimmed in advance of the top coat of pavement which will create a cleaner seam after top coat .  Trimming was scheduled for Friday and all driveways and intersections should have been completed. Top coat paving is still on schedule for tomorrow to my knowledge. 

DPW was also back last week completing the final loaming and seeding.  The hydroseeder has been called and as of Friday morning, had not been by yet, but he should be coming soon to spray all newly loamed and seeded areas.  

8/13/17 - As everyone has noticed structure covers were raised on College Road in advance of the top course of pavement.  The latest update from Continental (CPI) as of Thursday is that top coat paving is tentatively scheduled for the 21st.  CPI hand crew is scheduled for this Monday or Tuesday and will focus on getting the rest of the driveways completed.  The following is our punchlist for the project and as you can see most of the work is by our subcontractors and not in-house crew.  We are subject to the subcontractors availability and make phone calls more than weekly to try and get them to finish the outstanding items. 

College Road Punch List:

  • Pizza Market Tip downs redone and poured with concrete vs pavement (Contractor)
  • Sanel’s driveway trimmed and topped fixing puddle at entrance (Contractor)
  • Berms – Corner of Duclos, Holly and repaired at #73 (Contractor)
  • Sidewalk mailbox flares paved in to allow proper width behind mailboxes (Contractor)
  • Touch up loam and seeding (hydroseeding also) (Contractor)
  • 1 Laurel St - back of sidewalk curbing installed (~50’) (Contractor)
  • 44 College Road - pave far end of driveway (Contractor or in house?)
  • 59 College Road – raise sewer clean out to grade prior to paving (Sewer Dept)
  • Top coat driveways at numbers 51, 55, 59, 63, 67, 69 and 73 (Contractor)
  • Trim driveways (Contractor)
  • Top coat the road (Contractor)

A couple of people mentioned getting new mailboxes that open from the back.  I talked to Adam Jacobs, previous DPW Director, about this and he said that it was brought up at the neighborhood meeting and would “take it under consideration”.  Mailboxes are typically reinstalled unless they were broken during construction, so there are not plans to replace these mailboxes with new ones.  I apologize for any misunderstanding at the original meeting, but I wanted to let people know that I did discuss this with Adam after hearing it was a concern. 

We will provide updates to you as they become available to me and again apologize for the delay in getting this road wrapped up.  We are doing our best to stay on top of the subcontractors needed to complete the work.  Thank you for your understanding.  

7/10/17 - Our concrete subcontractor will be back on site today and tomorrow to finish up the concrete tipdowns.  Paving of binder course on sidewalks is scheduled this Wednesday and the sidewalk top coat is scheduled for Monday the 17th.  After that a DPW crew will be on site to clean up loam to new edge of sidewalk.  

6/22/17 - It’s been a while but we have been able to finally secure a concrete contractor who can fit us into their schedule and install the concrete tip downs with ADA panels.  They plan to start tomorrow and will do approx. 4 or more a day.  They will continue into next week until they are completed.  Once they are complete we will contact the paving subcontractor for sidewalk paving and then DPW will be back to clean up the loam and seed along the back edge of the sidewalk.  

5/5/17 - Just a quick note to let you know that we will continue to prep the sidewalks and cleanup the side slopes/dithclines next week.  Paving of the sidewalks has not been scheduled yet, but we will let you know once we have a date.  Thank you for your continued patience.  

11/25/16 - The focus before the holiday this week was mainly driveway connections on the non-sidewalk side and drainage structures. The sewer contractor was also in to raise up and pave around their covers. Things seemed to have performed well with what little rain we had, but the real benefit will be seen when the curbing and asphalt berm is installed to direct the water.

The granite curbing contractor is set to begin next week, and we’ll continue our work to prepare for the new sidewalk. As mentioned previously, the plan remains to pave driveways on the even side of the street with the new sidewalk. If it looks like we are running out of time and the sidewalk won’t be completed, we’d shift gears and focus on the driveways so they are paved for winter.

College Road Nov 23 2016 2 College Road Nov 23 2016 3

11/18/16 - As you have noticed it was another milestone day on the College Road project, with base paving now complete on the roadway. Driveways were "wedged in" with gravel to ease the temporary transition until we can begin getting the drive aprons paved as well. Some of the drainage inlets were exposed, and stone check dams placed to limit any erosion issues if we get a popup shower over the weekend.

Next week we begin preparing driveways for pavement tie-in, and will adjust the rest of the drainage structures to be flush with the pavement. We will continue working on the sidewalk preparations and road shoulders, preparing for the asphalt curb on the odd side of the street, and granite facing for the sidewalk on the even side of the street.  The granite curbing contractor is set to begin on Monday the 28th, and will have a week or more to finish their portion. The driveways on the odd side are likely to be paved before the even side, due to the curbing and sidewalk work still to come.

The utilities have started shifting lines over to the new poles at the top of the hill, hopefully that work can be completed in time to finish the sidewalk. We also have a retaining wall, plenty of landscaping, and some guardrail on the horizon. Keep your fingers crossed for the mild weather to hold on for a few more weeks!

College Road Nov 18 2016 paving 8 College Road Nov 18 2016 paving 16
College Road Nov 21 2016 4 College Road Nov 21 2016 8

11/7/16 - The project has progressed quite a bit since our last update. Drainage work is nearly complete, with only a crossing near the top of the road and some work near Laurel Street and Mast Road remaining. The section at Laurel was skipped over due to a conflict with the gas main, which Liberty Utilities and their contractor Mears Construction have been taking care of this week. They intend to wrap up the gas work by the end of the day on Monday, and we should be able to move back down to replace that drainage starting on Tuesday. We will finish up drainage at Mast Road, including the undersized inlet structure that is the culprit in the flooding by Pizza Market every so often.

Continental Paving has indicated that the reclaim (of what's left) of the pavement will take place next week. After the pavement is fully reclaimed we can begin adding select gravel and shaping the new road base, which will take a couple days to prepare for the new asphalt. This has been a busy paving season for many towns, and this is "crunch time" in the industry so paving dates are a little fluid. There is plenty left to do with sidewalk shaping and slope work if we have to wait for paving for a few days.

Looking ahead...after the base paving is complete, the curbing contractor can begin to set the curb for the new sidewalk face. This is quite an operation, if you've never seen it before. In addition to sidewalk work over the next few weeks, the drainage structures need to be raised up to final grade, driveway aprons paved in, retaining wall installed, more slope work, loam and seeding, etc. It looks as though the utility line relocation will come right down to the wire. Thank you for your continued patience with the project, I know that with all the various utilities involved this summer it probably feels like the project that will never end. We're starting to come into the home stretch, I promise.


College Rd Oct 18 2016 1

College Road Nov 2 2016 7
College Oct 28 2016 College - Oct 25 2016 College - Oct 28 2016

10/17/16 - Last week, although shortened by the holiday, saw some decent progress on the project. The crew was able to install over 400’ of drainage pipe and 5 precast drainage structures. There were several service and utility lines to contend with, and a few sewer connections that warranted repair before backfill. The current work zone is near Pine Hill Ave, Warren Ave and Duclos St are open for normal traffic for the time being. We will return back down to the area when the sidewalk construction begins in a few weeks.

The tree work will resume later this week, and I will let you know when we have an update on the paving schedule for Warren and Pine Hill sewer repair areas.

College Rd 10 17 16 2 College Rd Oct 11 2016 3

10/7/16 - As expected, the bottom end of the project area has uncovered several “surprises”. We’ve managed to work around the spaghetti of underground utilities and abandoned lines to get another hundred feet of pipe and 5 precast drainage structures into the ground. We also replaced the cross culverts near the Laurel and Roy intersection, and began cleaning up the drainage swale under the power lines. This will continue in the days to come. Our hope is that things will pick up speed next week as we get back to work on the main drainage line that runs up College Road.

The sewer contractor has also completed all work, and will be paving over their work areas soon. Due to the large width of the trenches, they will be paving the entire roadway surface on the affected areas of Warren Ave and Pine Hill Ave, rather than just patching in the trenched areas. I’ll keep you posted when I get notice of the paving. Laurel Street has a large trenched area, but we’ll be working there with drainage soon and therefore it won’t be paved until we pave College Road itself.

College Road Oct 7 2016 College Road Oct 4 2016 1

9/30/16 - Things have certainly picked up on the project this week, as you no doubt have noticed. The sewer contractor has finished all main line and service connection work on College Road, Laurel St, and Pine Hill Ave. A handful of service connections remain on Warren Ave, they expect to have those completed by Monday. They have some final restorations to do, and then will be demobilizing from the neighborhood. These small sections of Pine Hill Ave and Warren Ave will be paved over soon, but Laurel St has some drainage work to be done this year and will be paved with College Road later in October. As was mentioned at the meeting, DPW plans to return in 2018 for drainage and paving of the entire neighborhood uphill of College Road.

Drainage work has begun near Warren Ave, we’ll save the Mast Rd intersection itself for the end of the project to help reduce the overall impact to the main road. Typically, our crew can install 100-200 ft of pipe and a couple precast concrete drainage structures each day. Digging in Pinardville is always a bit of an adventure, so please keep your fingers crossed that we’ll avoid any surprises.

We have also made headway clearing and “boxing out” unsuitable material from the sidewalk area uphill from Desaulnier St, and filling in the area with new compacted gravel. Fairpoint and Eversource are closing in on final approvals to move their utility poles back in this section as well. We have a handful of trees left to remove that are either dead, overhanging the road, or are right at the road or sidewalk edge. I expect this to happen over the next couple weeks, but will keep you posted.

DPW is aware that there has been one or two buses that arrived at Warren Ave when the sewer crew had an open trench across the entire roadway. We’ve been in contact with the bus company and will make every effort to keep them rolling on their normal routes. As the sewer work wraps up this should be a bit easier. Please let us know if you experience any difficulty going forward.

Park - College Sept 2016 6

Sewer Installation - Warren Ave

College Sept 22 26 2016 1

Park - Sewer Contractor on College

College Road Sep 20 2016 2

Park - Sewer Contractor on College

College Sep 21 2016 5

DPW - Grubbing for new sidewalk

College Sep 21 2016 3

DPW - Grubbing for new sidewalk

9/15/16 - There was a good turnout at the neighborhood meeting last night. There are weekly email blasts that are sent out to those who want ot be on the list, but we also copy those updates onto our website as well. If you want to be added to the email list, please contact Adam Jacobs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The rough timeline for the project is:

  1. The Goffstown Sewer Department’s contractor (Park Construction) has finished the new sewer main. They have two house connections left near the top of the street, and then they will move up to perform some short sections of replacement and a few repairs on the side streets (Laurel, Pine Hill, Warren). This should happen starting next week.
  2. DPW will formally begin our work on Tuesday, 9/20. Our first steps are upgrading and replacing the drainage at the bottom of the hill near Mast Road, working our way up the street.
  3. There will likely be a second crew working on cleaning up the area near the top of the hill that was previously cleared of trees for the new sidewalk. Fairpoint and Eversource are preparing to set new utility poles, but I’m afraid I don’t have a solid timeline from them yet. It will be a few weeks before we are ready to start shaping up the area for the new sidewalk anyway.
  4. As mentioned last night, this work should take around 7 weeks to complete if Mother Nature doesn’t get involved with an early winter. I expect paving of the roadway to occur mid-October, but there are a couple weeks necessary after that for sidewalk, curbing, stormwater structure raising, driveway aprons, slope, loam, and seed work.
  5. DPW summer work hours are typically Tue-Fri, 7:00-4:00. After Columbus Day weekend, we shift back to winter hours and will be on site Mon-Fri, 7:30-3:00. There may be a few days here or there that require working an hour longer to finish a pipe run or a trench crossing. Barring an emergency, we do not have any night work for this project.

We will be closing College Road to thru traffic for the majority of the project, which really helps speed up the project. School bus routes, curbside collection days, emergency vehicles, and mail delivery should continue as normal; please let me know immediately if you experience any interruptions so we can get it worked out.
We’re looking forward to working with you to provide a great project in your neighborhood. If you have any questions about the project, please don’t hesitate to ask!

9/14/16 - Park moved over to Glenridge to install a 300 LF section of sewer as we are coordinating new water, sewer, drain and gas instllation in that neighborhood with several different contractors.
They are expected to be back in the College Road neighborhood next week to continue sewer work on the side streets and remianing service hookups.
DPW is expected to mobilize next week as well so please expect delays and avoid the work zone if possible. We are planning to close all of College Road to thru traffic and only allow residents within the work zone access in and out.
A formal traffic alert will be issued by the end of the week.

9/9/16 - Park Construction mobilized last week to start the sewer work on College Road from Desaulnier to St. As. So far they have installed the majority of the 8" sewer main and manholes. They did hit some ledge which slowed them down slightly, but should be able to finish the main this week. They have also started installing house services this week.

College Rd Sep 2 2016 Park sewer 1 College Rd Sep 2 2016 Park sewer 3