Former Barnard Property Athletic Fields

Render Sports Fields

The Town of Goffstown Parks & Recreation and Public Works Departments are developing athletic fields for the community. The final vision includes construction of three soccer fields, one large baseball field, three small baseball fields, a small field house, parking, playground and trails. The proposed work is an expansion of an existing 37 acre gravel pit that the Department of Public Works (DPW) is currently operating. This project will be phased into three sections. Currently, Phase 1 work is being performed by the DPW as time and weather allow in the off-season between road projects.

Over the past few years the DPW engineering staff have developed construction plans and obtained the required permits to get this project underway. The required Alteration of Terrain Permit was granted this fall and we have begun construction!

1/13/2017 - Crews have cleared several trees to make room for the two new soccer fields in Phase 1. Now DPW crews will start to clear and shape this area between snow storms this winter.

Tree Clearing  DPW Sports

Tree Clearing  DPW

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