Assessing Office

Assessing questions? Call (603) 497-8990, extension 813.

2021 Cyclical Re-Measure of Properties Located in Goffstown

Online Assessors Database

2018 Valuation Update

The 2018 Proposed Property Values are now available. Click here to view the VISION online database. A complete list of all updated property values is also available for review at the Town Hall Assessing office.

The Assessing office staff are also here to assist with questions and applications for the following areas:

  • GIS Maps

  • Elderly Exemptions (filing deadline April 15). For Elderly Exemption forms, click here.

  • Elderly/Disabled Tax Deferral (filing deadline March 1)

  • Veteran Tax Credits (filing deadline April 15)

  • Current Use

  • Abatements

  • Timber Cuts

Additional Information

MS-1 - Summary Inventory of Valuation Forms

Town Financial documents submitted to the Department of Revenue, including the MS1 Inventory of Valuation, can be found here.