2022 Town Budget

The Town of Goffstown is a Municipal Budget Act Town (Chapter 32) with an official Budget Committee which consists of 12 elected members and 4 representatives. Representatives include one member from each of the following boards: Select Board, School Board, Goffstown Village Water Precinct and Grasmere Village Water Precinct. The Town of Goffstown is also an Official Ballot Town (RSA 40:13) which means that the Annual Town Meeting is divided into two sessions. The first session, known as the Deliberative or Ballot Determination Session, is held between the first and second Saturday following the last Monday in January (RSA 40:13 III).

The Town's 2022 Deliberative Session was held in early February, as required by RSA. At this meeting the articles are explained, discussed and debated. It is this meeting which determines what appears on the official ballot. The second session known as the Official Ballot Session is held at the polls (Bartlett Elementary School and Goffstown High School) on the second Tuesday in March. At this time the voters will vote on the budget, all separate and special articles, as well as elect candidates and any zoning ordinance amendments.

The budget process starts in July when Department Heads develop their budgets. In September the Department Heads present their budget requests to The Select Board. During October the Select Board develops their budget and sends it to the Budget Committee in early November. In November and December, the Budget Committee reviews the Select Board's budget, requests information from Department Heads, and develops their budget. The Budget Committee submits their budget by the budget submission deadline of the second Tuesday of January and schedules their required Public Hearing before the third Tuesday of January.


The Goffstown Budget Committee held a Public Hearing in January on the 2022 Budgets for the Town, School District, Goffstown Village Water Precinct and Grasmere Village Water Precinct. Meeting information is on the Town Website Calendar.

Budget Hearing Handout


[Budget Committee 2022 Budget]


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