The Town and School Election has been postponed until Tuesday, March 28th.

Goffstown Television is a resource available to residents and non-profits in town. GTV operates two channels. On YouTube - Government Channel 22, we broadcast LIVE government meetings and replays including the Select Board, School Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board and others. 

YouTube - Community Channel 16 is available for residents to express their views and share ideas with the community. Public Access is all about bringing television to everyday citizens.

If you want to share your ideas about the world or the town, you can create a show. If you have a gift like cooking, art, music, you can create a show. Our facilities include a studio located in the back of Goffstown High School. This studio is available Tuesday through Thursday from 4-9pm. Residents also have the ability to check out cameras and utilize editing computers (Please note: all equipment is to be used for non-personal/professional use and the end result MUST play on the channel).


In 1992, a group of residents formed a committee to start what is now Goffstown Television. After two years, GTV40 signed on the air. Now, 20 years later, GTV has added a channel in 2002, and switched to channel 16 in 1999.

Without the groundwork laid by our founding board, GTV would not be here today. Those first members included: Janet Bartels, Chris Beaudoin, Doug Gove, David Kimball, Debbie Koczela, Karen McRae, Rene Millson, Sue Trembly, and Morris Wynne.

In addition to our two channels, GTV operates a FACEBOOK page, and YouTube page where regular updates and videos can be found about School sports and events, community events and happenings.  Residents can watch government meetings On Demand. You can also subscribe or bookmark these links. All meetings are available to stream within 24 hours of the conclusion of the meeting.

Government Meetings

All meetings are available to the public, free of charge. Please contact GTV for assistance with obtaining a copy.

Also note: use of these meetings should be in its entirety without further authorization from the copyright holder, which is the Select Board, Town of Goffstown. These meetings are also not the official public record. For the public record, please see the town minutes. 

Forms and Documents

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Equipment Sign Out

Bylaws – May 2017

Policies – Feb 2014

Procedures – Dec 2006

Meeting Minutes – Dec 2004 to current