The Tax Collector's primary duty is to collect all tax revenue committed to them by the Assessor/ Board of Selectmen and remit collections to the Treasurer in order to support the Town in meeting its financial obligation each year. The Tax Collector's Office is responsible for collecting warranted tax revenue for property tax, timber tax, current use, excavation tax, betterment tax, and sewer use charges.

                The Tax Collector is also responsible for the preparation and mailing of the tax bills semi-annually based on information contained on the current tax warrant certified by the Assessors/Board of Selectmen. Other daily responsibilities include keeping suitable books of collection and responding to inquiries from the general public, banks, mortgage companies, and attorney's offices.

Staff Directory

Stephanie Beaudoin, Tax Collector

Danielle Basora, Deputy Tax Collector

Property Tax Rates


For assessment information visit the Assessor's Office page.

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