2019 1st Half Tax Bill & Adjusted Local Education Tax Rate

The Town and School District have mailed letters to taxpayers in an effort to make them aware of an adjustment to the Local Education tax rate on the upcoming 2019 1st half tax bill.

Traditionally, the June semi-annual tax rate is 1/2 of the prior year's tax rate. The 2018 Tax Rate included a lower than customary Local Education tax rate, due to the School District returning $10.3 Million in fund balance. With these accumulated funds returned, the 2019 Tax Rate is anticipated to return to higher levels in 2019. In an effort to avoid negatively affecting the cash flow to the School District and having taxpayers experience the entire increase in the 2nd half tax bill, the Town petitioned the NH Dept. of Revenue Administration to adjust the 1st half Local Education tax rate.

Property owners may notice a significant reduction in 1st half property taxes due, compared to previous bills.  There is a unique situation this year due to the School District’s projected release of accumulated funds at tax rate setting this fall 2018.To better communicate with property owners the Town and School District have compiled information and documents related to this subject.