Master Plan

A Master Plan is a document which serves several needs within the community. According to the New Hampshire state statutes that address the requirements and guidelines for preparing such a document, the Master Plan's primary purpose is to serve as a tool of the Planning Board as a framework to guide development within the town. In order to fulfill the role as a planning tool, the Master Plan should be based on the collection and analysis of a wide range of social, economic, environmental and land use information. The Master Pan however, is not a static document. It should evolve over time to reflect the changing needs and circumstances of the town.

Below is the online copy of the Master Plan 2006 Update as well as Goffstown's 1997 Master Plan. If your computer does not already have Adobe Acrobat, download a free version of Acrobat Reader to view the plan.

The Town developed an Energy Plan intended to be adopted as part of the Master Plan. The Planning Board at the time this was presented, opted to accept it as a reference document only and did not adopt it as part of the Master Plan. The most current draft, dated May 2012 is located here.

The Goffstown Master Plan 2020 is available for download below:

Goffstown Master Plan 2020

The Master Plan Update 2006 (Adopted 9/21/06) is available for download below:

Section I (Final)

  1. Community Vision

  2. Land Use Section with Conceptual Future Land Use Map (October 19, 2006)

  3. Action Plan

  4. Goffstown Village Plan (Amendment #1, Adopted 11/30/06) (View->Rotate View in Adobe Reader)

  5. Route 114 Parallel Road Plan (Amendment #3, adopted 2/12/09 (View->Rotate View in Adobe Reader)

Section II (Final)

  1. Route 114/114A Corridor Management Plan (13MB download)

  2. Economic Development

  3. Conservation, Open Space, Historic Preservation

  4. Recreation

  5. Housing

  6. Transportation

  7. Education

  8. Community Services, Facilities & Utilities

  9. Open Space Conservation Plan (Amendment #2, adopted 12/14/06)

Print copies of the 1997 Master Plan are available in the Planning and Economic Development Office as well as by download below:

  1. General Statement

  2. Housing

  3. Economic Development

  4. Transportation

  5. Community Services and Utilities

  6. Education

  7. Health and Human Services

  8. Recreation, Conservation, and Preservation

  9. Land Use